These type of packs are always very handy to have close by when you're looking for an extra hook. There's defintely some gold in here to throw into Melodyne and make something special. You'll definitly be hearing stuff from this in our fothcoming tracks:-)

If R&B style vocals are your thing this is the pack for you! The pack contains thirteen complete vocal arrangements split into separate elements of hook, chorus, adlibs etc...
It also includes some short vocal chops which are not so useful. I feel the addition of some separate adlibs and phrases would have taken the pack to the next level but still a recommended by especially if you are into R&B style vox which are all over the world of House music right now.

Loads of different types of vocal to chose from. This is a really good vocal pack for all your dance music needs. Can't wait to start trying these out in some of our tracks.


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