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Tipped by the national media as ‘One To Watch’ in 2009, Prok & Fitch have more than proved the journalists’ predictions right. The hottest DJ/producer pairing in house music have chalked up an impressive array of achievements in the past twelve months, including rocking the main room at Amnesia in Ibiza, touring Brazil and Australia and releasing both critically acclaimed and dancefloor-approved tracks. Now focussing on their original productions, Ben Prok and James Fitch’s works have been signed to some of the biggest names in the business: Axwell’s Axtone, Toolroom Records, CR2, Stealth and more. With serious and diverse support from the likes of Steve Angello, Paul Van Dyk and Carl Cox, there’s few clubs worldwide which haven’t witnessed the Prok & Fitch reaction.


  • This pack is ace. Super stripped grooves and glitchy perc and some real funk in the bass loops. It's a relatively small pack but everything in it is super useful. The little vocal FX are great and varied and the synth and pad loops are all stripped enough to just be an element in the groove and not too over bearing in your tracks. Worth getting this, our only complaint is it's not big enough! lol

    This pack has been hugely useful for its perc folders. The kicks are nice and punchy with some great layering options. The drum loops have loads of swing so great for some swingy grooves. We haven't really used much else other than the drum stuff but checking out the rest of the pack, the bass samples are really nice and fat and all the synths are really nicely put together. Definitely recommended if you're a deep house fan.

    Deep House and Garage

    Rating: 8/10

    All the drums in here are super useful. The kicks are great, been layering these to get a super fresh sounding analog vibe to our grooves. The top loops are night and bright, clean and not over complicated. Some nice little effects and great bass samples for a nice warm low end. This has become one of our go to packs for some of the drums.

    Sante's trademark sound in a streamlined high quality pack. Everything in here is usable, the kicks are great, chunky and clean. The drum loops are super vibey and the bass loops offer loads of variety. All the single sounds are also well EQ'd and processed so need very little attention once you get them into your project. Highly recommend if you're looking for a minimal/deep tech edge to your productions.

    This is true to Mihalis signature sound. Everything has the shine and polish of his productions with a great variety in sounds, whether you're after the grimier side of tech house or more elegant grooves this has got all angles covered. The loops are all really full and the bass samples are fat and warm. Some nice wonky synths too if you're after that Relief vibe!

    Super fresh pack from Reelow. His signature garagey grooves and rolling basses! Super rich sounds providing some cutting edge vibes for the house heads. Loving the top loops in this and it all sounds really current and on trend. If you're looking for some swung grooves and shuffle in your bass this is on point!

    Afro TechHouse 01

    Rating: 8/10

    If you're into the more banging side of tech house then this is super useful. Loads of chunky synth bass loops with loads of attitude. The electronic perc folder is really useful for adding some originality to your drums and the Djembe loops are pretty cool too!! Tons of single hits too to build a nice solid groove.

    Cassimm Simply House

    Rating: 8/10

    A true representation of that Cassimm sound. Clean and punchy drums, warm vibey bass and some great little synth hooks. This pack is worth buying just for the Kick drums and top loops alone! Everything you need for that clean, chunky tech vibe.

    This is perfect for some weird and wonky sounds for our drums. So much variety here to find something that really sounds unique. There's also plenty of scope here to layer stuff with synths too to give some nice attack and character to your riffs and hooks. Handy pack that's definitely worth having in your library to delve through when you're looking for some inspiration of just something out the box.

    Downloaded these but weren't really right for the stuff we make. Never the less it's all well recorded and well organised so if you're after that housey touch to your tracks, with some nice hooks this is well worth having.

    Simon showcasing his musical side here with some great riffs and solid synth programming. A great balance of both house and techno vibes in the sounds here, making it a very handy tool across the board. As always his drums are punchy and clean with a nice selection of grooves, and his basses deep and warm.

    Experimental beats, wonky basslines and fresh synths. Great range of inspiration on here whatever you're making. Recommend this for the house heads!!

    SFX Collection 03

    Rating: 10/10

    Can't fault these guys for FX. Our go to packs for all our FX. Great variety for all your breakdown needs and quirky little space fillers to keep your tracks interesting. If you've got this then you pretty much don't need anything else.

    Darius is on fire at the moment, and here you get a taste of his signature sound. Loads of nice Analogue synths, quirky and original sounds, chunky drums, warm basses... Plenty of inspiration in here for cool techy grooves!

    Shovell delivering the goods here. This has become our go to folder for precussion now, everything you could possibly need and more. Rcorded to perfection, clean and warm and every base covered! Essential purchase if you ask us!!

    House & Dance Vocals

    Rating: 8/10

    These type of packs are always very handy to have close by when you're looking for an extra hook. There's defintely some gold in here to throw into Melodyne and make something special. You'll definitly be hearing stuff from this in our fothcoming tracks:-)

    Wouldn't expect anything less than a polished gem from these guys! Really well produced, and the signature Copyright sound: soulful, groovy and housey! All the single sounds will definitely be finding their way into our sample folders. Great pack!

    Mike's clearly put a lot of work into this. Quality wise we haven't heard a sample pack like this for quite a while. So much variety and scope for so many different styles of music. The drums are clean and crisp, the basses are ridiculously fat, the riffs are bright and warm and the FX cover all bases. Strongly recommend this pack if you want to add some class to your productions!

    Deep House Bass 2

    Rating: 7/10

    This is all about Analogue. Classic synths giving you classic sounds. Nice fat basslines, clean and dry for you to fatten up and add some magic to. A couple of nice hooks in here and plenty of variety between sub and plucky.

    Classic 90s House

    Rating: 7/10

    This could be pretty handy if you're after that classic 90's piano house vibe. Plenty of hooky riffs and familiar sounding elements. Not really right for our productions but definitely some handy tools for some instant dancefloor fillers.

  • These guys are great producers, and definitely the leaders of that accessable funky House vibe. Great drum loops and very versatile through different styles. Some great bass lines and synth hooks and everything is crisp, bright and warm. All their drum loops have loads of energy so if you're after some jackin beats this is definitely worth the money!

    Our fellow Brightonians are bang on the money again with this pack. Doing what they do best, uplifting house vibes, pianos, strings, stabs it's all here. Giving you a bit of their trademark sound and some great riffs if you're looking for some hands in the air action. We'd say the strength of this pack definitely lies in the melodic elements, synths etc.

    This will be a huge inspiration for our future productions, having the midi is a great idea to be able take some musicality and give our own sound to it. Some nice sounding pianos too if you just want to throw something straight into your track.

    This man can do no wrong with his samples. This pack covers all your kick needs if you're making dance music. Nicely compressed, fat, warm kicks. Loads to choose from, you won't need anything else for a nice kick drum!

    If you're into the garage, basement, deeper side of things then this pack is bang on. A great variety of fat analogue basses, groovy drums and plenty of cool FX. Some great distorted stuff to give your tracks some grit and some nice clean stuff if you want a smoother vibe.

    This pack is all about the stab sounds for us. Loads of variety and some really nice sounds to whack into Kontakt. Some great loops on here too, some deep warm bass grooves with some cool hooks, and an extra folder of random(ish) loops to try and add a spark to your track too. Cool pack!!

    I'd say the sounds on here are more angled towards deep house than Nu Disco, lots of soulful chords, nice organic sounds and some nice live sax loops too. The drum loops are all really nice and clean and fat. The single hits are also really well EQ'd, and some great kick drums!! Add the soul filled vocal loops as well and this is a great pack to add a nice live sound to your grooves!

    Classic Guitar Licks

    Rating: 8/10

    Some great variety in here for all music styles! There are loads of very familiar sounding riffs to give you instant hooks for your tracks. They're all nice and cleanly recorded too, so add whatever distortion and fx you want to give it the crunch you're looking for. A very hand tool to have in your sample library.

    Deep House Grooves

    Rating: 7/10

    All the signature sounds here to make something current sounding if you're into house/deep house. Nice clean samples and plenty of variety. Only downside would be it's versatility in using for other genres of dance music, but then it is a deep house pack!!

    All of Steve's old trademark sounds up for grabs here. The construction kits will be really useful for people new to production to get some cool elements for a track together, and have everything ready mixed. We really like the FX in this pack, some really quirky and cool stuff for breaks and builds. Some nice musical loops too, to create a nice layer with our grooves too. It's not the biggest of sample packs, but it's quality here, not quantity!

    Piatto Italo Techno

    Rating: 8/10

    We're loving this pack for its drum loops and bass lines. Really nice and clean, loads of variety and very fat!! If you're a fan of their productions they've even bounced out some bits from their recent releases!! cheeky!!

    This is probably one of the best Loopmasters packs of late! So many great tools in here. The drums loops are full of energy, all the sounds are really fat and well EQ'd. There's loads of variety too depending on how banging you like your house music! A definite MUST for anyone making Tech House and house. Their bass lines and nice and full, some squelchy bits in there too and there are some really nice FX to layer your tracks with too. Buy it!

    Loving this pack, great loops and load of inspiration for some proper jacked up house. Everything is nice and clean and bright, plenty of variety between the sounds both on the drum front and musical front. The filtered loops are a track in themselves. The bass samples are all nice and warm and slot nicely into your grooves. Definitely recommend this, great work!!

    Loved the last one and love this one!! So much variety in here no matter what you're producing, all the sounds are so unique and well crafted giving instant inspiration for a track or that missing hook. We hammered the last pack for our Swarm track on Toolroom and so many people were asking where we got certain bits from. Now you know:-)

    Deep Groove House

    Rating: 8/10

    We're loving the music loops in here. Some great track inspiration and some really well produced little hooks. Nice organic sounds that are well EQ'd and not over FX'd. If you're making proper house music then this will be a very handy little tool!

    There's a great variety of different voices on here depending on what kind of track you're producing, also different tempos, but everything is recorded cleanly enough to be able to chop out single words and phrases. Some of the lyrics are pretty comical but there is plenty of serious stuff to work with here and give your tune a bit of attitude! You'll find something usable in here especially if you start to play with the pitch!!

    been waiting for this for a while, as always great sample pack, particularly like the Loops, well recorded & will provide us with plenty of inspiration. Bass Loops are also very good and a little different to the norm. Thanks

    Worthy of a gold medal this sample pack!! So well produced, all the sounds are well EQ'd and compressed and literally sparkle when you put them into your track. We're big fans of the separate sounds in here, and shall be using them for time to come. Great pack, but then we wouldn't expect anything less from these guys!

    Sublime Tech Vocals

    Rating: 7/10

    Some handy little vocal phrases and chops in here! If you're looking for that current sound of hooky little vocals then add this to your library. There plenty of variety between male and female as well, so depending on what you're after, this should help fuel your fire!

    SFX Collection 02

    Rating: 9/10

    Loved the 1st one, and this is just as good! Great variety of builds and drops with some quirky sound textures. This pack has everything you need to make an intense break, or give you the power you need when it drops.

  • House Percussion Loops

    Rating: 7/10

    Pretty handy little pack for the summer. Plenty of well recorded live percussion loops ready to give you that live percussive feel to your tracks! Clean and punchy so plenty of room to add distortion and a different twist depending on your production style. Only criticism is the size of the pack, could have been bigger.

    Miami Tech

    Rating: 8/10

    Loving this pack! Full of sundrenched riffs and inspiration for some balearic grooves. Like the fact that all the leads from the riffs are available as one shots as well, so if you like the demo on the site then all the sounds are available to program in your own way. If you're after a nice organic house vibe then this is essential!

    This is essential if you're making house music! One of the best sample packs we've come across in a long time. So cleanly produced, and a great variety loops and sounds all with a nice organic edge. A lot of the loops are kick free, giving you the scope to build you're own grooves and keep some space in your mix. Add this to your library, it's wicked!

    Epic House Riffs

    Rating: 7/10

    A nice little helper to get some inspiration for your track on the melodic front. Well eq'd riffs with some interesting elements to accompany them. A wide of variety of keys, so if you're looking for that little something to add to your track, they're easy to throw in and chop around.

    Laya Project

    Rating: 8/10

    Really well recorded instruments, chants and percussion all with a hint of India. Not really anything for us us to use in here, but if you're doing film scores or add's, or you want something with a Bangara angle then this is essential!

    Loops and more loops, nice! Some great french inspired grooves here that'll work nicely in pretty much any genre. Whether you're after the Wolfgang Gartner hook, or Joris voorn filtered grooves this covers all bases. Definitely a great pack to have in your sample library.

    Was expecting this to be full of Phatness, and it doesn't disappoint! He's given away a lot of his trademark sounds here, even naming them after the tracks he used them on, so if you're a fan of his work, then you'll be getting his prize jewels. Loads of cool riffs both organic and noisy depending on what you're after, cool FX, and lots of seperate drum sounds to build a rocking groove.

    Funk Bass

    Rating: 8/10

    Does exactly what it says on the tin! Well recorded and loads of variety to inject a bit of funk in the bottom end of your tracks. Essential for anyones sound library!

    Stereo MC'S - Vaultage

    Rating: 9/10

    Some serious inspiration in this pack, and so much variety! Their trade mark sound lives on, and it's broken down here to put your own spin on. We wouldn't really use much of the drum stuff in here, but all the musical stuff is great. Some wicked hooks and great FX. This pack really doesn't sit in a genre, it'll work whatever you're making! Not enough packs like this around.

    If you're after a bit of noise and grit for your tracks then this will be perfect. Really well EQ'd and fat sounding samples. Great variation of folders too. If you're tracks are on the electro side then add this to your samples folder.

    Great tool kit! Lots of the hard work on little vocal glitches done for you. And all done on a deep and dark vibe. Great for the more underground producers, good to inspire new tracks, changes of direction or just throw over the top of beaks for a cool effect.

    Nu-Disco House Edition

    Rating: 7/10

    Had a play with this to try and do something different, and there's pretty much everything here you need to put together some cool Nu- Disco, not what we make but some refreshing sounds to try and give your tracks a different edge depending on what you're making. There's a nice balance of riffs and drums, although a little light on the FX. Good pack!

    This is one of the best sample packs we've got in our library at the moment. So much variety and so well produced! Fat basslines, great quirky effects, rocking drums and some great tools to add something unique to your tracks. Can't recommend this enough if you're making house and tech house!! Volume 2 please!!!

    SOR Hats & Tops Vol.1

    Rating: 9/10

    We'll be rinsing these!! Loads of bright groovy shuffles. Plenty of variety and will save loads of time sifting though different hats to find the right balance for the top layer of our tracks. Essential 'Top' material for anyone making house music.

    Some power in this pack! A lot of the sounds are a little on the banging side for us. But there's definitely good stuff in here no matter what you're producing. The kicks are slamming, and the bass is full and fat! If you're making electro and Dub step then this is essential!!

    This will sell by the bucket load! Lots of nice little hooks and tools to add a nice vocal touch to your tracks. Great variety for different genres and really well recorded. Great work!!

    Awesome sample pack! If you're making tech house you need this on your hard drive. Everything you need to make hooky drums and a solid groove. It doesn't try and be too clever by providing everything you need to make a track, but it provides everything you need to make some sick beats!!

    Love this concept, it's great to have different presets to start playing around with to make something really original. This pack shows how diverse this synth really is with a nice selection of patches to get you on your way. The midi files are also pretty useful, especially if you're not hugely musical. Nice work

    Tech Therapy

    Rating: 8/10

    This has everything you need if you're making tracky tech house stuff. Crisp beats and distorted techy riffs. There's an extensive folder of drum loops with different variations of the same loop depending on how you like to build your beats. We'll find these pretty useful to add a little extra something to our grooves. Well EQ'd bass's, some nice little vocal chop grooves and some pretty standard effects to finish it off.

    French Electro House

    Rating: 7/10

    If you're after the banging electro sound, with plenty of noise, then this will be right up your street. Great variation of percussion sounds, bass lines and music loops to get your groove rocking!

  • Some nice quirky sounds in here, already thrown some bits into a remix we're working on! The bits that worked for us were the musical loops, the drums weren't really right for our tracks, but if you're on the nu disco vibe then this will work a treat! Everything's well labeled and easy to find, and has the punch and clarity you'd expect from such an iconic producer.

    Downloaded this to try and get some diversity into our upcoming productions. The riff sounds are all pretty cool, and great if you're going for a harder edge. Some great melodies and some intense effect noises as well! Not sure the drums are really the kind of sounds we'd use, but they'd be great to give a retro edge to something. All the sounds are well EQ'd are ready to drop into your tracks.

    This is one of Loopmasters best releases to date! So much variety! We tend to use lots of single hits to build our drums, but couldn't resist getting stuck into the tops and loops as they're so clean and well EQ'd. This is everything we look for in a sample pack. The more musical elements and fx are a little on the deep side for us, but this sample pack is all about the drums, great work Steve!!

    Very cool, as we expected, some nice ragged sounds to make riffs with and some wicked percussion as well, perc loops were a little techno edged for us, but the single perc sounds are clean and fat. The crunchy claps are really nice! Good variety of FX sounds and plenty of weirdness!!

    The Funky Underground

    Rating: 7/10

    If you're after that old school soulfuric sound, this is perfect! Loads of Rhodes loops and great quality clean samples. Some of the filtered loops would work nicely for adding a bit of funk to pretty much anything and the vocal loops are pretty handy for adding groove as well as plenty of bits to chop out! If you're after a really old school housey sound then this is good!

    Some very handy samples in this Library, a must for anyone trying to get the most out of a breakdown! A huge variety of sounds for all parts of the perfect break.

    A few handy bits and pieces in here for specific projects. I think this is something we'll go to when we're looking for live drum stuff or a bit of inspiration from some real instruments. I can see some funk producers going mad for this!!

    Some great elements here to give your tracks an organic edge. We're always searching for cool new, weird sounds that stand out as being unique and this has bags of them! Also loads of variety and some cool guitar licks and drum loops to add some serious funk to your tracks. Expect to hear lots of bits from this sample pack in our next few tracks!!

    Groove Tech

    Rating: 10/10

    This has got to be one of loopmasters best sample packs to date, loaded with everything you need to give you a really current sound! Some great subby basslines that are really well EQ'd and ready to drop into a track. This will give us so much inspiration in the studio, more of this please!!


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