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Genre: Classic House

Additional Styles: Classic House, Techno, and House



One Shots

Sampler Patches

BPM: 125

Cool hybrid set from Singomakers of Future House/ Old School House. I laugh all the time because Future House is basically a twisted version of the original, old school house sound. The sound that I started out in, has come back but in a twisted variation- which is now "Future House". This set is cool becuase it continues that new vibe yet brings back some of the authentic, old school sounds. The basses are like they were in the past- super deep ! Good crisp drum sounds, the drum loops are super tight as well. I like how the drum loops have a good combo of old and new sounds still done in a classic house drum pattern. Loving the few classic techno sounds thrown on as well.

Some cool old skool vibes in there. I use a lot of old skool sounds in my tracks and this is handy.


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