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Genre: Electro

Additional Styles: Electro and Synthwave


One Shots

Sampler Patches

BPM: 80 - 160

There are quite a few retro and 80's synthwave style packs available at the moment and the general quality is quite high - this pack is no exception. Combined with other packs of this genre it will add to your production arsenal, on it's own though there are a few areas that are lacking - namely the bass and synth wav loops as these are quite a standard affair, not bad and not outstanding. The drum wav loops and drum one-hits are great though and I will be coming back to this section again and again to find sounds and ideas.

This is awesome. You've entered a time machine and you're immersed in warm 80's analogue and zingy digital sonic goodness. Instant nostalgic satisfaction for a an 80's music fan. If you like the current wave of 80's revival this is for you. Exemplary production values as always.


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