A mighty fine collection of vintage drum hits processed in four distinct ways making for a solid menu of percussive goodness. The 'Desk', 'MPC' and 'Tape' folders offer subtle character variation while the 'Lo-Fi' files are aggressively crushed and especially useful with further shaping to fit your tracks grit-spectrum needs.

This is the ultimate pack of drum machines! If you only ever buy one sample pack of classic drum machines then make sure its this one. Each drum sound has been sampled using a variety of recording techniques, including 1/4" Struder Tape, SSL desk and MPC. The sampler formats are provided in both kit form aswell as drum type, which is really useful for programming drums from multiple sources.
The only way this pack could be improved would be if the drum sounds were also recorded 'round robin' so that each time the sample plays the rhythm has a more organic feel.

I love drum hits. And as someone who loves to program his own beats, I can never really have enough of them. In this case, we are presented with a specially useful collection of goodies, as all of the presented hits are available in various flavours. Having a "desk" (so straight into the analog mixing desk), "lo-fi", "mpc" and "tape" version of all the sounds is a blessing. Depending on how much processing you are planning on doing yourself, this can really help your workflow. Have tried a nice clap in your beat, but want it dirtier? Try the lo-fi version. Want the hat to sound a little less harsh and more saturated? Go for the tape version, etc. All in all, a really handy collection.


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