You get 7 sets of Funk & discoish guitars - with 2 sections in each folder. The bpms vary from 95 to 140. There are some hidden gems amongst the masses. You might want to run these through your own processing to bring out the best from these loops. Its not mandatory to know how guitars are used properly in a song but it will definitely help to have some basic knowledge. I feel like these parts will work very well for those that might have a track and need additional 'live' elements to round out their sound.

Cool library, very versatile and comprehensive, everything is well recorded and you get not only the high guitar sounds but also the bass and mid guitar licks and riffs. Very useful. You can either just drop and drag the samples into your ongoing project and mess around with them, or just take the library as a cool source of inspiration; I like to just chop up the samples, pitch and process them and create something completely new out of this library. Much fun - and it's good to have all the loops in REX format as well, this makes it easy to just step through all available loops and samples in sync with your mix. Nice one!


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