Classic drum machine samples are a dime a dozen of course,but what separates this pack is the variety of hardware processing that has been used to make these sounds unique. Get all your classic sounds, loud and proud with a twist!

I own a 909 and an 808 and have used them in my productions for nearly 20 years. At one point if my 909 was broke I was unable to make any music, the samples I made from each drum hit just didn't quite sound as good or as authentic.
But now with this drum machine pack including full kits from both the 909 and 808 with each drum hit recorded through a variety of analogue hardware EQ and compression units, filters and valves, I have that classic sound at my fingertips. These sounds are still very much as relevant today in modern production and are still an essential back bone to most forms of dance music, R&B and hip hop. So being able call up professionally recorded 808 and 909 kits direct to a sampler on my laptop is invaluable.


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