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Genre: Grime

Additional Styles: Grime, Dubstep, and Vocals

A huge selection of vocals to bring both percussive weight and some East London type sound to any production. Lots of double takes which means some natural chorus and proper stereo spread effects can happen too. I had the best fun throwing these into a sampler and jamming around. A great tool pack.

handy vocal cuts which will sound great dropped into our productions!

You want to make it sound ruff , you want some original UK vocal nastyness , well this is the one for you - hundred's of vocal small phrases and hits to be use endlessly in tracks ...i know for sure that i will use this a hell of a lot. Great stuff

I purchased this pack with the intention of using them as guide vocals..
I found them to be recorded really well and will continue to use them in the future :)
there is a good variety of usable vocals in this pack... would recommend this pack to anyone wanting studio quality vocals

Fantastic pack, this is. Just what you might need for that drop or finishing touch. Loads of little vocal snips that can be used in all manner of ways. Super authentic and well recorded.


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