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Genre: EDM

Additional Styles: Vocals and EDM

Incredibly functional collection of human voice that often transcends recognition yet always retains warmth. Expert manipulation has turned vocal source into gems of melody, percussion and effects. The loops are both musical (Melody Loops) and rhythmical (Glitchy Loops). The FX and One Shots vary from evocative / ambient to abstract. This pack defies predetermined genre and is beautifully original. Excellent.

Voice Of The Machine by Looptone is a collection of well crafted vocal chops and fx. In the loop section these are two folders - Melody Loops and Glitchy Loops both of which offer a decent selection in different keys in either 120bpm or 140 bpm. The style here is probably directed more towards commercial dance music production. Also included is a Sounds and FX folder with a useful selection of one-hits and vocal fx hits - these can be manipulated to fit many styles and is good source to find a good vocal chop to add to your production.

I really like this pack for 2 reasons... 1. the loops show how simple to make some of the vocal hook melodies you hear on popular records are to make and 2. they are high quality and ready to be dropped into projects straight away. I prefer the male texture sounds from the pack which are my preference but there are higher and lower keyed examples within the pack. You can go further and chop and switch different loops to be unique. Buy on sight


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