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Genre: Pop

Additional Styles: Drums, Jazz, and Pop

Great pack. Very versatile and really well recorded. The snare samples in particular - loads of nuances and lots of attention to detail in terms of velocity/tone - very useful for programming! Highly recommended. There's also something very fresh sounding about this pack in comparison to those in a similar vein.

It could be one if not the best Acoustic Drum Samples if you like Jazz & Groovy drums. Let's doing a new big band With a lot of different textures, it adds such nice groove in your composition. Let's doing a new big band!

I've been on an acoustic drums quest lately and finding top quality samples isn't as easy as one might assume. This pack fully delivers in both quality and variety. The captures are ultra-clean while also not being over-produced allowing for lots of application width: these hits can lay back in a mix or if pushed hit hard and sound as authentic as one programs them to be. Another plus for this collection is the focus on only one-shots: loops are great but for true roll-your-own acoustic drums this one is a true banger.


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