"Rock Hip Hop Guitars and Bass" by Organic Loops is a collection of guitar and bass loops for various genres of music. The riffs are recorded in such a way that looping is natural and they have a cool, gritty, grunge feel to them. However, there is nothing about the mix that screams hip-hop and the sounds could benefit from a bit more vibrancy and grooviness.

Organic Loops keeps coming with really good material. As most sample sets everywhere today lean on the synth / electronic or urban hip hop / trap side- OL has a breath of fresh air bringing real, organic, live instrument loops. Here you get 5 folders ranging from 80 to 120 bpm. Each folder contains a separate folder of bass as well as folder of guitar loops to match in key. These loops work for rock, pop and hip hop or a hybrid. Most of these are based on 1 idea but some have A and B sections. The vibe and sounds are on the grungy, dirty side- which in this case is good! You want that for this kind of sound. The guitar loops are well effected so there's nothing for you to really need to do to them. Drop in your favorite beats and some effects and you're good to go.


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