Absolutely cracking pack. Was really great to explore this one as I'm a huge fan of these guys' production. Super classy and full of interesting touches. Definitely worth grabbing!

Everyone's favourite sultry deep house heads join the growing rank of producers to flex their...

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Production duo Maribou State adds to Loopmasters' Artist Series of sample packs with a large...

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Great textures! There's some really nice things in there to get ideas for a vibe. :) Always good to get rex files too, so you can try a few different bpms. These guys sure know how to make some moody and interesting sounds. The field recordings are the least usable for me i think.

This is an absolute gold mine of sounds that can be utilised in so many different ways across multiple genres. Maribou State have really delivered on this with a wealth of musical elements and some brilliant field recordings - a real breath of fresh air and a pack i'm really enjoying digging through right now! :)

If you're a fan of these guys productions then you can't go wrong here. I personally prefer my sample packs to be a little less effected with reverb but that's only personal preference. Lots of great material and a nice spread of loops to choose e from. Well done Maribou State

This pack is awesome. lots of beautiful sounds, melodies, rhythms. suitable for wide range of genres from soulful house to chill trap, ambient and etc. very well produced, high quality and inspirational sounds. great job by Maribou State!!!!!! will definitely use in my music

Fans of this band will find a lot to love in this pack. Some lovely music loops here - great melodies, detuned and gritty, a lot of what we've come to expect from Maribou State. What I found most interesting about the pack is their use of field recordings, using household objects to create hits and drum parts, which im guessing is part of how they create their unique sound! I didn't find it all entirely useable, but gives it a great insight into some very creative minds.


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