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Genre: Downtempo

Additional Styles: Downtempo and Hip-Hop



One Shots

Sampler Patches

BPM: 90 - 105

Incredibly usable assortment of audio slices exceeding expectations in both overall quality and unexpected gems including a foley folder within the drum hits and the selections of ambience / soundscapes as immediate flavor palettes. Further standouts for me include the warm glowing pad beds and inspiring drum loops broken down to individual elements.

Some seriously good vibes in here. as the name suggests, the soundworld is dreamy and soulful with nice, detailed melodics. The whole pack has an organic flavour to it and what really stands out are the musical parts. There's a healthy amount of matching bass and synth loops if you're just looking to get something down quickly and there's loads of additional scope for chopping these up and making them your own. The midi is an added bonus.


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