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Genre: Dub

Additional Styles: Dub and Reggae


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BPM: 64 - 160

I love mixing vibes and sounds- always experimenting. Sometimes you can achieve musical perfection. Ive always been a fan of reggae & dub sounds. The sounds Loopmasters used are spot on-completely authentic. Im using this at its original tempo as well as different and faster tempos- and the sounds work great at both. Great dub guitar loops as well as great dub bass loops. Those are the 2 elements that really need to be right to give it the true reggae sound. Theres a lot to chose from and everything sounds great in the mix.

Roots Rock Reggae inna dancehall rockers style! Dam Dubmatix does it again with an epic Dub driven reggae package wow this one is by far among the best! Dub Drums are totally sick Basses are beautiful and the driven organ / Piano loops are outstanding ! I love how Dubmatix creates that 60s 70s and 80s production beautifully raw which gives Great dub that edge rather than some cheesy crap sqeeky clean dub void of soul like most modern dub!


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