This is one of those preset packs you can't go wrong with. All is well prgrammed and you can use many of the sounds imediately without further tweaking (which I would of course recommend though). All basic types of sounds are covered, basses sound fat and can cut through the mix easily; plucks sound fresh and clean; I like the selection of lead sounds which you can use for any kind of 2019 dance/edm/house/club prodution. There is some basic stuff as well as a few rather edgy and crazy sounds. The sounds also fit well together, so you could easily put together an entire production using only this preset collection. Nice one.

Awesome set of sounds for Serum all really there's is lots of variation, covering leads pads and bass. will deffo be getting use out of them as starting points for writing in all different genres .All the sounds are pushed and sounding fat from the get go, you cant really go wrong with this if you want to large sounding synth presets.


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