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Genre: Nu Disco

Additional Styles: Nu Disco



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BPM: 123

Not only is this a great set - it's great to see people pushing the envelope. This set combines different styles yielding a very cool result. I've always been a fan and user of guitars in my productions going back 15+ years. Way before many people jumped on the bandwagon. This set combines various flavors which are aggressive yet laid back. The combo of synths, beats, bass and guitars create a fresher sound to what the masses are doing over and over. I love the direction and applaud Singomakers on this innovative set.

This fine and funky selection of filtered guitar strumming oozes groove in the vein of Daft Punk,...

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The Weekend Disco & Guitars is a cool collection of samples and sounds for all kinds of disco-ish productions, old school and temporary modern stuff. It can really help drive a production into the funky pop/disco house direction. Good selection of drums to make it sound 'authentic', the instrumental stuff and chord progressions are also nice and some good source of inspiration. I took some of the samples, chopped them up and processed them further to include them in one of my recent projects. The allover sound is warm and typical analogue sounding. Nice one!


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