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Genre: Drum and Bass

Additional Styles: Drum and Bass and Jungle



One Shots

Sampler Patches

BPM: 170 - 176

Great pack from Salaryman, as you would expect the detail is excellent and his understanding of the true art of Drum & Bass is all here to see. He never fails to give you so many options, but has the ability to make everything work really well, and is excellently put together. As you would expect the drums are tight and heavy, mixed expertly so hardly any effort on your part to get you up and rolling and sounding great instantly. Loving the synths sounds here, they are clear & emotive yet dark and with purpose, giving you all the tools to make some serious block rocking crowd pleasers. The bass sounds are really great and nasty in such a good way, I like the fact you can open the sampler patches and explore the bass sounds even further and at a higher level and get deeper so you can compose your own arrangements with excellence. Midi files are included which I always think is a must nowadays, extending your possibilities even further, you also get a sound folder and fx which are top notch. If you're serious about your craft the possibilities are endless in this pack as you can use these sounds in so many ways, with the knowledge you're given a high level of choice for your next track. You're not done there, you're given percussion files which is a nice touch as i feel that this is an important element to any pack in this genre as this will cement your tracks together nicely, giving you that extra detail you need to tie everything together. I always look forward to Salaryman packs, as you know the quality is always of the highest order.

Mean meggatron Drum and Bass package well armed to the teeth with the best high octane drum and bass mayhem filth! Kick ass drums and down right dirty filthy warped out gritty bass, most excellent of any style of DnB. You lovers of neuro warped madness gonna love it! Synths are sick also! It's a perfect treat for any DnB junkie producer!


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