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Genre: Funk

Additional Styles: Soul, Funk, and Sound Archives


Sampler Patches

BPM: 80 - 150

As far as Funk samples go, these are the best I've heard. I downloaded this to use on an advert job where the client wanted some funk and it was great. In fact it was so good, I spent half my time trying to choose the sounds as they pretty much all worked.

It doesn't have that sampled sound in use. It feels as if the instruments were played on the track, something which cant be said for all sample cds.

Obviously this is only going to be any use if you're making funk, but if you are, look no further

You can freak out with this pack! Love all of the live elements involved! The REX files are dope! The funk sounds are as authentic as they can get.. All these pieces can be used to create a live jam session or chopped up for some funky tracks! Fantastic purchase for the arsenal..

An incredibly versatile pack jammed with individual hits and loops and full band jams. Perfect for adding flavour or going all out and forming the guts of a track. I made a shortcut to this folder on my studio computer.


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