Everything is a 'one-shot' in this set. The sounds are great- really big, dirty and punchy. Im using it as audio- so putting them in kit form makes for a bit more work. if you are using NI's Maschine or Ableton's LIVE- Im sure the kits come pre-set. Even though these come as "sets" the sounds can used with anything and mixed and matched to create some hot club tracks. Great job from Niche Audio !

Main room, trap, melbourne bounce, hard Tech and Twisted Future Bass - this pack seems to straddle the line between all of these genres. There's a real upfront rocky midrange feel to the production so it's not only all the lead lines, drum kits, vocal chops and b-lines but the production style that makes this pack stand out. There's lots of bass, pad, leads and sfx sounds programmed in Massive so there's some good flexibility in contouring lots of the presets. It's quite rough and jagged and can help with melodic, arrangement and programming ideas as well as straight up giving you some twisted bass cutter style sounds that you may have trouble getting on your own. Listen to the demo and you can quite clearly hear whom this pack is aimed at. Again, Niche Audio have managed to create a great Maschine orientated pack that is not only fun to use but immediate in its inspiration too!


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