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Genre: Moombah

Additional Styles: Moombah, Reggaeton, and Bass Music



One Shots

Sampler Patches

BPM: 100 - 110

Singomakers brings the heat with Vol 2 of Majorton. Everything is either 100 bpm or 110 bpm and there's lots of good variety. This set is very up to date, so it will work well in almost any format club. The vocal loops are extremely well crafted for today's sound. The melody loops are a perfect blend of sounds to achieve the right vibe as well. The FX are cherry picked so there is no "fluff" in the bunch. Toploops are great as well as the full drum loops. Obviously very percussive and cut through. The drum fills are also excellent- built on a fusion of drums and effects. Sound quality is top notch as always. Another great job from Singomakers.

A quality follow up to the first pack. More of that ubiquitous pop sound of 2016/2017. Authentic, high quality production values and diversity should yield plenty of production mileage. Probably a few hits in here if you're quick to deploy ; )


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