This is good for deep tech house, has the usual synth stabs you can find in sample packs. What I enjoyed most was the phat kicks I heard in some of the loops. I think there is some nice clear samples in this pack, is a cool one to have; the drum loops sound nice.

A nice pack overall. Drumloops are nice and there's variations included for each loop to give flexibility. The basslines seem to sit well in the mix and although the synths are very laid back and deep, if dreamy and deep is what you're looking for then this pack should hit the spot.

Excellent pack by Loopmasters as always. Like the fresh sounds in Deeper House Volume 2. Very easy to find quality samples for your deeper house jams in this one.

High quality, ready to mix and match starting points for Deep House Padawans. You'll have to chop out sections if you want individual hits or stabs..but hey, that's the fun of sampling and editing! I'm a big believer in inspiring and nurturing the next generation and loops as good as these will definitely help you them on their journey.

Quality product from Loopmasters! Nice deep mood in all parts & samples, bass & synths loops give you a cool ideas how to create a housey melodies, and you can easily dream up about new grooves by listening those deeper house drums. Totally in love with some of the vocal clips also. Great package overall.

A great sample pack with a variety of sounds for all things house. Good variety of drums and some killer synths! To be honest, this sample pack alone with some good ideas is all you need to get some great tracks rolling!


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