Really like the feel of this pack as you can construct a beautiful backdrop for your next production and get great results straight away. Extremely diverse sounds, that can't be pigeon-holed or put into a certain genre, as you have the ability to pick and choose what you like to take your next step into creating something special. You can create any style of music with these sounds and instruments that are provided, which won't limit you and your ideas. The Piano sounds add drama instantly and sound great really nice, pads and chords have a great cinematic quality and you're instantly immersed into a musical soundtrack. You have atmos loops that spiral and have a haunting feel but very useful to blend with other instruments included, like the top loops that have a wide range of sounds to draw you in. Very deep, thoughtful and inspiring and certainly not your average set of loops here, really well put together and no doubt you will be going back to it time after time.

London based producer Catching Flies provides an impressive array of emotive musical loops,...

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I'm not sure there is a loop I don't like on this pack, it's about the smooth dreamy musicality but for me it's all about the wonderful processing which is exclusive to the artist who is frankly, amazing. Its all so useful across all genres and compositions as it's just really difficult to make something so organic and effective. The Atmos loops have sidchained rhythms so there really useful to temp. The bass has some great musicality which you can just lay across your sampler and recompile some great basslines. The music loops are just too good. They are deep and emotive, again the processing just makes them so unique. The pads and chords also have the rhythmic processing and the top loops and sax are really useful too. Finally I leave the drums to last as they are excellent but probably my least favorite category of this pack - that's saying something. Essential and thanks to Catching Flies for a pack we will be using for years to come!


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