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Genre: Synthwave

Additional Styles: Synths and Synthwave


One Shots

Sampler Patches


BPM: 100 - 140

A hard pack to resist if you're into warm fuzzy tones and new textures: Great assortment of multisamples covering roll-your-own nostalgic ground then there are the loops which get far more adventurous and wonderfully strange by way of sequencing and processing which deliver samples that often defy the lovely-but-humble source instruments and soars into inspired territory.

Flippin' keys, eh? Well, if you're lacking in the piano department, then this might just...

Full Review

Fantastic pack again by RV themselves. Some cracking loops inside, so many variants of chords and different types of keys being used. Ive never been disappointed with RV products as I can tell the amount of time and love that has gone into producing previouse packs. I love how already alot of these samples have been engineered with floaty, dusty fx really enhancing the vintage, LoFi sound that people would be looking for when downloading this norty pack. Ooozzzzing those summer time, sundown flavours.


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