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Genre: Soul

Additional Styles: Soul and Vocals

Performed by London's Get Gospel choir, Soulful Gospel Vocals gives you all the multitrack...

Full Review

This pack is pure gold! The vibes and sound of the recording is amazing and offers loads of choice for your productions. After minutes of scrolling we were surrounded with enough to get the inspiration kicking and the song ideas flowing. The selection and thought in the pack is of a very high level and will certainly not disappoint, well worth it if you're looking for new vocal ideas.

Here are some vibrant soulful vocals including both male and female stems in separated layers (either dry or wet) which mean loads of ways to play with it! Featuring a big range of BPM this sample pack offers the possibility to add its vocals in numerous genres, from Hip Hop to Drum & Bass including Techno, House and more!

This is a great pack of full song acapellas. Dry and Wet provided for each stem, as well as all the different registers (soprano/tenor/baritone, etc.), and a number of songs in different keys. There's a lot of material in here, my only criticism is that it takes a while to get your head around it all!


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