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Genre: House

Additional Styles: House and Vocals

I haven't found many sample sets of vocals that have impressed me enough... but this new one from Samplestate is quite good. They thought it out and give you multiple phrases that all match together and make sense. The vocalists are also good. The ideas / topics are a bit generic (ie: love/ club/ dance, etc) but still work well. There's also a nice amount to choose from - which is another plus. Each little set has 5-6 elements which you can chop up to create your own phrasing. Overall BPMs range from 117-126. Very nice job from this new label!

Who never needed some vocals hooks for setting his productions on fire? No one I think. So here’s a sample pack you might use whether you’re involved in House or not. With this House Hooks & Phrases, Samplestate delivers a legion of short vocal samples which will bring a touch of House to your tunes.


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