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Genre: Dub

Additional Styles: Drums, Dub, and Reggae


One Shots

Sampler Patches

BPM: 71 - 87

Vast collection of quality mini-stems (and one-shots) veering much closer to traditional drum-kit fare than the title might suggest. For me the drum loops are where this pack shines and specifically the 'Mix' loops which are dubbed-out (kit / non-electronic) patterns making for an excellent proverbial crate of dub drums. The separate stems (percussion / dry drums) and individual hits are conservative in comparison yet both very useful inclusions.

This pack is full of quality with the authentic sounds of Dub Drums & Beats for the digitized future but also retains the full weight of this genres heritage. Excellently put together, but this comes as know surprise with the team behind the production. I have been working with the sounds extensively over the last few weeks & so many ideas have materialized, the choice is vast. You are first greeted with Rex Files, which straight away offers you instant flexibility, in opening the files in the program of your choice & also giving you so many options to plan your programming needs. You also get Wav format with a variation of Drums from the full mix down, to Percussion options, which is great as you have so many ways to use these sounds & mix & match in any order that suits your needs which is really great. Finally you get the Kits & Patches this is were the treasure trove of sounds are hidden giving you total separation of every element this is so good. For any producer, songwriter, who loves creating the sound of dub in the modern era you get an education on the building blocks of this style of music. You have been given a small road map & template layout that gives you all the tools to start creating right away. A truly timeless pack you can you use again & again.


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