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Genre: Liquid

Additional Styles: Drum and Bass and Liquid


One Shots

Sampler Patches

BPM: 170 - 174

A mega pack with sounds that just wanna make you cry. This is a very well thought out pack and selection is totally on point. We love the grooves/breaks, they are authentic and have a great sound. The basslines and musical element are 2nd to none with a truly highest of standard of sound. This is amazing for inspiration and simply throwing ideas to see what sticks. We would defo recommend to all levels of producers and would keep an eye on these guys for future packs!

Another liquid rollers pack, but this one is from monster sounds and its the real deal, it doesn't say who produced it but sounds solid to me, the drum loops are ready to roll and highly recommend. Also its great to have a variety of tempos some of the packs are very fixed on one bpm but this floats from 170-174. check it.


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