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Genre: House

Additional Styles: Vocals and House

If you're looking for complete vocal lines this is the pack you need. Recording quality is amazing. Lots of catchy & melodic loops. Very well done.

I can't wait for the perfect opportunity to put these great vocal samples to use! Just going through them has got my mind racing with creative ideas! It's nice to know that I don't have to call in a session singer every time I'm in a crunch and need a quick vocal sample or even something much bigger like a hook line for a bangin track! Nice work fellas!

These days vocal packs are not just there to use the complete accapella .. they are there to be mangled and pitched about to make your own rhythmic patterns ... this pack does both and supplies a great quality recurring to work with !!

We have been waiting for this kind of Vocal kit selection for a while & now its here. Really good songs performed here on varied styles by professional male & female singers.
We can imagine using some of the vocals here in our studio, either by cut just a few hooks & phrases, words or short parts.
You just have a very good material to use here - go ahead & get on it!

Great set of vocals. Nice range of tones and expressions in the voices. Its really nice to have some tracks laid out for you that you can just drag and drop into productions without spending ages working out keys, tempos and processing the living snot out of. Great stuff.

A great collection of vocals with loads of layers and options to choose from very well recorded. I was looking for snippets for tunes rather than full vocals and this pack delivered in spades.

So many great vocal ideas in this pack. Already been getting great use out of it. Really good idea to have various parts for each song, means you can use as much or as little as you like. Definitely a good way to avoid using the same acapellas as everyone else!

I have had Iconical Vocal Accapellas Volume 2 for a while now and keep dipping into it for vocal hooks, so thought it about time I check out the first edition. While it's not quite as comprehensive as the second one it still has a lot to offer and has some great vocal hooks that can be spliced to suit most electronic production styles.
I Highly recommend this. A worthy addition to the vocal arsenal!


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