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Genre: Liquid

Additional Styles: Drum and Bass and Liquid


One Shots


Sampler Patches

BPM: 172

High standard Liquid Drum & Bass in this sound pack, really well put together with a touch of class. The Bass sounds are really good, gnarly and very useable with a really nice low end tone. A vairety of different loops to choose from, also includes the Midi parts which is excellent to sculpt your own bass parts. Drum and Percussion loops are really useful and well constructed and not just your standard kick snare hi hat patterns for this genre, these loops have detail and movement which are infectious and have a great flow particularly the Break Beats. You get Fills which are very nice a along side Rides and Shakers. You get Keys which are very beautiful and really help to set the story line for your next track and not genre spacific, giving these sounds longjevity with the ability to cut up and resample yourself to come up with something unique. A nice choice of loops here. Synths are next and so good, as soon as you hear them you can already visualise were they may sit in your next production, nice clarity and have a timeless quality. Vox loops can be useful if you need to add vocal edits to your track, again you can cut them up and warp and sound design in anyway you want. You get all Midi Loops included, really pleased to see the Drum Parts included which is quite rare in most packs, so they have gone to the effort to supply you with all the production tools you will ever need. The One Shots in this pack gives you the option to construt all the seperate elements in anyway you want, which gives you the ability to come up with your own bespoke sounds. Finally Sampler Patches, really like having the ability to go deeper into all the sounds, you can take them in so many directions opening up so many possibilities.

Really cool and sweet Drum & Bass pack here. You always look at nice and tight drums ? Bass hits and big sub loops for your own project? Some midi synth progressions when you're stuck on inspiration? Check this one!! There also some nice drum kits, 40 pocket snares, & 20 nice kicks. For ableton users, all basses are available in simpler presets, in this way, you only need to drag and drop it to a new midi track, and play with!!

Another 5pin Media Pack prooving that they are coming up with the serious sounds. I'm just a sucker for packs like this, the drums are rolling, solid bass hits and everything else you need. Thisis the liquid that I like. Rollersssssss. Rollersssssss. Rollersssssss.


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