Brilliant collection of nothing but ah - brilliant Neuro Bass! No fluff here, just genuine gristly, grimey and very Neuro style bass loops and one shoots. Not only does it have the usual sweeping notch, filtered distortion, pitched vibes going on but there's some really nice use of sub lines with vintage distortion flavours giving you a really large range of sounds to choose from. There also sensibly categorised in that you have shots and loops in C, D# and F so you can pitch wherever you like. Try dropping all of these sounds in Maschine for example and let rip. I'm always looking for inspiration in these sounds made by someone else as you can end up using the same old tricks when producing them, and here I have a pack that I can see lasting for years and remembering it well because it only does - ah very sick bass!!!! Great job guys.

Totally Dredd nasty rasping Neuro package kicks some ass! Badboy basslines tiwsting and turning and perfect brainmelting sonics also armed with some fat beats/breaks ideal and perfect for you neurofunk warped driven drum and bass!

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