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Genre: Classic Hip Hop

Additional Styles: Hip Hop, Chillout, and Classic Hip Hop


One Shots

Sampler Patches

BPM: 80 - 100

If your lungs can take another hit, the RV dudes have rolled up another top-loaded pack of smoked...

Full Review

RV Sample Packs are increasinly becoming my go to sound librarys, in particular the Smokers Blend Series, or should I say Trilogy..... As they are just so good. I love the fact the sounds have that classic sound the 70's vibe with the future styles of today fusing old skool Funk, Jazz, with Golden Era Hip Hop with a firm eye on the future. Always looking out to see what they are going to come up with next. Well I am happy to say this does not disappoint, really love the Boom Bap vibe also with a dusty timeless feel whats not to love. As soon as you open the sound pack, you are given a huge choice which is so good, your very own sound source to great sample material to chop, slice, & re invent your true classic. Beautifully recorded Keyboard sounds, sultry synths with a new age space funk vibe really nice indeed. Beats are knocking & so well programmed & have a nice jazzy swing. Bass sounds are so good just holding their space, but giving that warm fuzzy vibe. You get Brass & Woodwind which is so nice to have a ensanble of sounds at your finger tips, also fusing jazzy Guitar licks. Oh yes it gets better as you are treated to sampler instruments which takes you to anywere you want to go & lets your imagination run riot. All their is left to say is may the trilogy of sounds continue.


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