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Genre: Classic House

Additional Styles: House and Classic House


One Shots

Sampler Patches


BPM: 122 - 125

More retro-minded house to get your listeners moving with this 680MB library, which really dials...

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Some absolutely cracking loops in here, and a lovely smattering of crispy one shots as well. If you're after the vibe in a hurry, these have got the swing and the shuffle in spades. They're great for dropping on your drums to instantly get the jack going.

So this pack is another one from the UNDRGRND and yet again they have done a fantastic job creating a really cool sample pack. All loops are made to a very high standard and there's lots of them too. One shots are really cool they are my - favourites in this pack. I did think there would be more 303 loops in this pack but what;'s on display here does not disappoint at all...

This is a great pack for any house producer to have in their library. There are so many classic house sounds to work with, it makes it really easy to get an idea going quickly. The bass and drum loops in particular are wicked! UNDRGRND Sounds have nailed this pack!


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