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Genre: Drum and Bass

Additional Styles: Drum and Bass



One Shots

Sampler Patches

BPM: 170

A really fresh take on dnb packs. This is a brilliant selection of drums, bass and of course atmos fx's. We found this really fun to select through and find interesting parts and pads to manipulate and create something you may not have thought of straight away. The pack is a beast and comes with loads of goodness from beats to musical parts....its just fantastic!

Melodic and lush sounding pack with a liquid cinematic feel, but also can fit into any modern music composition with now specific genre label. Captured really nicely here, with a moving and evocative sound palette. Your first offering delving into this pack is, you get a good selection of Atmospheric Loops which are really nice and set a great scene for building your next composition. Bass sounds are nice from the squelching to gnarly and low end subs and a good choice to choose from. Drum loops are next with again a good selection and a good pattern flow to give movement to your beats. FX are great - a really good offering of sounds to add dynamics and punch from Impacts to Sweeps and a variety of miscellaneous choices also. Melody folder is where this pack comes into its own, really well put together, lovely piano and strings with synth and guitars to set your productions apart. Giving you a good starting point to evolve your arrangement into a fully finished track. You get Midi which is great and a real stand out, as you can take all elements from this pack from the Bass to the Melodics and reinvent time after time with total flexibility. More Drums are also included with some half time loops and again a good variety of choice to get the right beats to fit into your final production. One Shots are a nice addition with a plethora of sounds from Chords, Bass, Crashes to Hi Hats and much more. Vocal loops are also included as well as rex files for even more flexibility for your Daw of choice along with Sampler patches which is excellent.


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