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Genre: Neurofunk

Additional Styles: Drum and Bass and Neurofunk


One Shots

Sampler Patches

BPM: 170

This is a great sample pack for some great ideas! Really well made drum packs, totally usable out the box. The bass synth and the melody folder are full of very good quality and variable elements, you can use very easily for the background and not only, in your own tunes. Full sample pack of inspiration. Well done!

BIG BIG sample pack, aimed at Neuro & Techstep end of D&B but its quite funky and will work right across the spectrum, even down to the dubstep and house side of things. So its the usual high quality singomakers pack.. they seem to just ooze quality right now, the bass loops are filthy an funky, melodys are stand out, and the individual hits are polished enough to slot straight in, just buy it!

Oh yeah one hell of a beast package well laced with some megga blasting warped out modulated neuro bass sickness! Drums kick some ass also and dredd synthsounds ideal for Neuro driven mayhem producers and Djs alike! Always a pleasure reviewing Singomakers they always come up with the best sounds!


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