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Genre: Hip Hop

Additional Styles: Hip Hop, Chillout, and Downtempo



One Shots

Sampler Patches

BPM: 90 - 100

Really like this pack, full of great instrument choices for a more left field hip hop backdrop. But offers so much more from the Lofi to the abstract. Firstly one of things I look for in any pack is if it includes Midi, and yes this does which is excellent, this is also great as you are able to shape any sound you want and in any way with a great selection. Bass sounds are really good from the synthetic to an analog feel with a good variety of expressions to fill your speakers. The Drum Loops are so nice, very usable, with know specific genre in mind, giving you so many options to go anywhere with your overall productions .Also very simple patterns but that's really nice giving you tight grooves. Next you get a Music folder with a good range of sounds with lots of usable content, also giving you the ability to really layer the sounds with a choice of Synths to Pianos, Guitars and Music Box and more. Pads are next really nice that can instantly inspire you, also help with a good starting point to build from with fluttering sounds to swirly and shimmering atoms. Finally you get a small selection of Percussion and FX which you can add that final sound design across your tracks.

This follow up to Lunar Cycles 1 takes a trip into the warped world of the L.A. Beats scene,...

Full Review

After an amazing volume 1, I’m definitely pleased to have this sequel in my hands! One more time, this episode of ‘Hip Hop Lunar Cycle’ immerses you in an ethereal space in between the worlds of Hip Hop, Trip Hop, Soul and Jazz. Offering both real instruments and synthesized sounds, both crafted with cutting edge FXs, this pack will give a unique touch to your productions which will surely make them stand out from the competition.


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