Wow! Amazing Hip Hop Samples for sure. I was looking for tight clean hip hop loops and elements for a current project. I have to say i was very impressed with the quality of the loops and music elements included in this pack. Premier Beats also features kits which contain one shots and great sounds. I don't use Live Racks or Machine. So don't be put off by the title of this pack. All the audio is all in here and it's ready for you to tear into no matter what software you use.

Quality guaranteed every time with thes packs and this one doesn't disappoint. So many great sounds to work with. I am so pleased the maschine format is in these packs now and hopefully moving forward. These sounds still have that quality of back in the day with first E-Lab, and Equipped Music, and now carrying on this great tradition of ver classy sounds from Instruments to Hits and Loops, cut up beautifully that still makes sample digging in this format so impressive. As always you get such a generous amount of sounds, and this is no exception with such a variety to choose from and 2 Daw options to get creative. This pack even has Midi, which is so great, the fact they have gone to this trouble speaks volumes. Always looking forward to the next installment to see what's next!


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