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Siwell aka Luigi Poggiani is a young DJ from Rome who saw his first release aged just 17. A prolific producer since 2006, Siwell has put out over 40 releases on some of dance music's biggest labels including Format: B's Formatik, Spanish powerhouse Vendetta, and British hit factory Toolroom. The closest Siwell has come to mainstream dance music recognition is in 2008, when he remixed Mark Knight and Funkagenda's hit 'The Man With The Red Face'. Asides from that, he has happily remained in the underground quietly churning out digitally clean club destroyers for labels such as Dream Beat, 303Lovers, and his own imprint Sphera Records. It is the Italian's willingness to explore both the sleazy, uncompromising rave techno sound , and the more conceptual, weirder edge of melodic techno, that makes him particularly promising.


  • I love the drumloop section. It's perfect for the groovy house and sounds really organic. Nice melodies on the Music Loops, Chords and string shots are good. The drums shots sounds good, the kick section is my favorite.

    A good selection of house loops! There is a cool drum loops session, with really good hihats and tops. I love the sample shots session, the hats sounds really hot and crunchy, perfect for an old school house track! In the music loops you can find very interesting piano or chords loops.

    Great sound quality! In this library you can find all that you need for a House/TechHouse track. There are very good bass loops, Music Loops (Synth, stabs, Arps) and fresh and groovy Top Loops! I like a lot the quality of the Sound Shots like Kicks, Open Hars and others. Good Job from Leftwing & Kody!

    I like it very much. There are cool sounds like the chords and stabs in the music loops filder. The bass loops and Tops are good too, fresh and groovy ! The quality of the sample shots is cool, i use a lot it especially the Hihats.

    I like it a lot! there are cool drum loops and very clean sample shots like kicks, claps and more. The chord stabs are cool too. There is all you need to make your track in perfect Uk style !

    UK House Essentials

    Rating: 7/10

    Nice melodies like classic piano riffs and synth loops. There are some cool drum loops and tops too. Bass loops are in perfect UK house style. Nice job!

    One of the most complete sound libraries of the last months for sure. There are a lot of great sounds here. The Bass and top loops are great and 90's piano and analog synths too . You can find also very nice sounds shots like very fat tech house kicks, hihats and more.

    Great sounds here! i love the top section, there are very nice bass loops too. if you are looking for a good tech house/house library, this is the right one!

    Good Quality loops! Nice Perc shots and top loops too. Great quality loops from Doty !

    High quality of sounds! Nice top loops and drums shots, the sound is very fresh. The bass loops are cool and the are a very good melodies section too. This is a great library for deep or techhouse producers !

    Absolutely amazing! 3 gb of great sounds, the top loops are great, very housy stuff! There are also a nice bass loops section, subby or more electronic. A great selection of samples shots too like kicks, hihat etc. If you are a tech house producer, this is exactly what you need !

    What should we expect about a library produced by Leger? Exactly this! This samples are amazing, from the slow funky vibes to the most groovy tech house. Great rhytmic selection and also good basslines and melodies. You can find all that you need to produce a fresh tech house track!

    Great library. I love the house grooves in the drum loops directory, groovy and cruncy! There are a good vocal section too. I used something from the music loops too, very professionals sounds!!

    House Acapellas Vol. 2

    Rating: 8/10

    Great quality vocals for a dance or house track, very nice male and female vocals, choir and lead voices are cool. The recordings are really professional, hot and clear sound. Great Job!

    I like the drum loops part, rhytmic and very clean sounds. The construction kits are interesting too, different kind of grooves from deep to tech house.

    One of my favorite libraries of the last few months. Great drums grooves and nice melodies, in particular love the percussions loops, a high quality selection of congas and all the organic percussions. Well, If you like "Santè' sound" and housey grooves, this is what you were looking for!

    A good samples selection from Phunk Investigation. Very nice basslines and good synth loops ideal for your mainstream techno tracks. I like the samples shots too with cool kicks and percussions!

    Wow, I used a lot loops of this library in my production. Very nice drum loops, professional sounds for a pure house groove! I like to much the bass loops too, real bass samples perfect for any kind of house track, commercial or more underground. Nice Job!

    Very good loops. If you need some techno basslines this is the right pack! There are cool sample shot too for create your bassline, I used some for my productions and they works very well !!

    Complete Drums

    Rating: 9/10

    Wow, what a collection!! This library is something that any producer should have. There are a lot of cool drums for every kind of electronic music, from techno to house and more. Particularly i love 909 and 808 drums, great sampling!!

  • Tech House Synths

    Rating: 7/10

    Nice Synth shoots, i used a lot...Not bad the power leads section too, here i found nice ideas for my tracks! If you are looking for a good synths library, this is the right way!

    Very nice! I like so much the drum loops, nice percussions and good rhythm. The melodies are good too, good synth and great tech house stabs!

    Good bass samples, melodic parts w/ marvelous electronic pianos, inner deep atmospheres. I'm exploiting a lot the drum kits parts: kicks and claps at first! I love also the housy drum loops.

    Clear sounds and very interesting loops. Drums area is cool, nice perc shots and drum loops. The vocals are perfect for a classic Tech house track!!

    Berlin Falling

    Rating: 7/10

    Nice basslines and amazing deep synths. Kicks and grooves are great for your deep music!!

    A high quality library! Contains very professionals tops and drum loops and the drum hits too are great!! My favorite category is that of Music Loops, with amazing deep synths, rhodes and chords. I will use for sure!


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