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Deekline, aka Nick Annand, has been collecting records since the age of 10. Initially inspired by early funk and electro, he moved onto hardcore and then the Jungle scene. In 1999, he set up his own label, Rat Records, to release his debut ’Don’t Smoke (Da Reefer).’ Nick started his own garage influenced breakbeat night, Beatfreaks, which began to shape the sound of London’s underground club scene. Since then he has also set up Thursday Night Throwdown and Breakbeat Connection, two hugely successful events. Nick’s productions have been licensed to compilations ranging from Fabric Live to Pure Garage. His enormous official remix of Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s ‘Got Your Money’ and an anthemic collaboration with Freq Nasty, ‘Every Posse & Crew’, and now ‘4×4×4’ have proved that he is a producer of significant merit.


  • RV Drill

    Rating: 8/10

    Nice loops solid drums . Every sound library is a compilation of high-grade, ground-breaking sonic adventures designed to inspire new sounds. The content combines decent quality, and is very relevant to what is happening now, Would definitely recommend. Can be adapted to all genres especially works well in Drum and Bass At tempos between 68-72bpm, this collection is perfect for UK & US Drill, alongside trap and any other new-era hip-hop styles. Nice loops solid drums . Every sound library is a compilation of high-grade, ground-breaking sonic adventures designed to inspire new sounds. The content combines decent quality, and is very relevant to what is happening now, Would definitely recommend. Can be adapted to all genres especially works well in Drum and Bass At tempos between 68-72bpm, this collection is perfect for UK & US Drill, alongside trap and any other new-era hip-hop styles.

    Taiki Nulight Bass House

    Rating: 10/10

    Always been a fan of Taiki's work. The unique sound is a mash up of UK dancefloor genres encompassing Bass, Garage, House. It covers all the angles and more, an absolutely essential addition for any producer looking to create pro quality dance music with a bass heavy twist. This is what I would be looking for in a sample pack. It covers both bass heavy and more tranquil sounds. A building block of samples if you are interested in getting my sound. This sample pack, his first for EST studios, reflects all of those influences and delivers on every front.

    This pack is a source of inspiration for musicians of all genres and styles, and their content combines outstanding quality, modernity and real relevance. Their approach is quality and aesthetics in every single sample.

    London Grime Bars

    Rating: 8/10

    London Grime Bars offer a great variety of vocals by Razor, Highly reccommended. Razor has been making quite a name for himself both as a recording artist and as a live MC. weighs in at over 1.2GB, and features a plethora of weighty urban observations delivered in heavy tones and with razor sharp timing. With loops, ad libs, sampler patches and Rex2 files, you’ll be sure to find a vocal cut to liven up your next set of bass heavy riddims.

    Neurofunk DNA

    Rating: 9/10

    Neurofunk delivers a really nice selection of beats and bass. I liked this one as it sounds like it had some thought output in to it. A load of content to keep you busy the pack contains 909 Mb of pure Neurofunk DNA elements at 172 BPM including 260 One Shots, 60 Bass Loops, 60 Drum Loops, 50 Synth Loops, 60 FX, 170 Rex2 Files and 8 Sampler Patches.

    Always been a big fan of Kissy! This pack leaves no stones uncovered. Monster bass lines and fat beats, bumping Bass lines, dirty Drum Loops, chunky Tops and steaming Vocals, Kissy delivers you electrifying content to throw in the mix time and again. You’ll find full drum loops mixed with classic components to create the ideal rhythmic mix, in addition to a wealth of music loops to throw in – featuring Synths, Organs, Strings, and Keys to spice up your melodies.

    Nice selection of sounds and crisp beats. Breakage has always been one of my favourite producers. Breakage brings you an ethereal collection of big Breaks and dirty Basslines, with a Junglist attitude - all 100% Royalty Free for your music! Breakage’s music is subtle yet devastatingly effective – and this is in full effect here! One Hit samples feature 147 sounds, with individual Drum Hits, Synths, Basses, pads and FX to sequence and take over in your DAW. 55 Sampler Patches and over 170 rex2 Loops allow you to switch things up and take the sounds to a new level.

    Great pack with loads booty-shaking Ghetto Badness, Roland claps and tom workouts are present and correct, as are the call-to-arms hip-hop shout outs that define the genre. The pack is broken down into ten kits crammed with such MC shenanigans. Each kit also hosts one-shots, loops, full MIDI files, stems, and drum racks. The loops have wet and dry versions, so you can drench them with your own nasty FX chains, and everything comes with key-labelling info, so you can get busy quick sharp. But if you want to use these vocals in your own tracks, full credit must be given, as per the included licence agreement.

    Ragga Vocals Vol1

    Rating: 10/10

    Straight from the Bass Boutique camp come bonafide legends The Ragga Twins. Sampled countless times for countless classics, Flinty Badman & Deman Rockers pass through with a wicked selection of vocal phrases and verses spanning multiple tempos and styles. Add Badbwoi flavour to any of your tracks with ease with both processed and effect versions, or use the dry loops to twist and chop the vocals in any way you see fit. These dynamite vox will have them calling to pull up and come again every time...

    UK House & Garage

    Rating: 9/10

    I love this like Marmite. The Ranping Rankin' madman is back again, and he is not ramping! This bass filled library sets you up with everything you need to craft a whole heap of bangers and mash. From swung 2 step beats to pumping, beefy curtains and basslines, nostalgic chords to screwface bass shots, jazz-inspired synths to warm, processed vocals, feel-good piano loops will make your girl giz, to dusty filtered pads, lush keys to tribal percussion loops, light plucked melodies to complex percussion patterns, classic house stabs to sad pads and more.

    Grime Ammunition

    Rating: 8/10

    Broad selection of sounds that can be adapted to different styles of music. Nice pack full of raw energy, aggression and tough rhythms, melodies and sounds. Highly influenced by currant Grime sounds and well worth a listen.

    Electro Swing

    Rating: 10/10

    Really solid pack with a great selection of fill and sounds. It not often you get a sample pack that has some TLC put in to it like this one. A nice diverse collection of swing-era based audio source and electro mashups, guaranteed to inspire all kinds of avant garde in your music.

    Trap Drift

    Rating: 9/10

    A super chilled-out collection of melodic Trap samples with Elevating Pads, Sleek Basslines, Punchy Drums and Glistening Arpeggios! Get the latest in colourful melodic Trap from Loopmasters, provided 100% royalty free for your productions. Trap Drift features over 1.3Gb of content with Loops, One Shots and Multi-samples primed and formatted for your favourite DAW. Featuring Drums, Bass, FX and a myriad of Musical samples, you’ll have the sounds you need to go on a snow capped journey!

    Vocalized Future Bass

    Rating: 9/10

    Vocalized Future Bass! contains a really nice variety of samples and vocal harmonies, It’s an incredible fusion of the extremely popular Future Bass, flavored with twisted vocal melodies! suitable for Future Bass, Chill Trap, Trap, Twerk, Cinematic, Hip Hop and a lot more!

    Trap Vocal Drop

    Rating: 8/10

    Some greatly processed vocals collection that can be adapted to all genres of music. Chopped and twisted vocals guaranteed to stand hairs on your neck on edge up and deliver instant dance floor drama. Effected and processed to the extreme, Trap Vocal Drop brings you immediate vocal gunshot status.

    Tropical Bass House

    Rating: 8/10

    This pack contains all the funk-ness you desire Tropical Vibes, Pianos, Groovy Bass Lines, Kalimbas, Marimbas, Percussions, Vocals and a lot more! All samples have been created and processed to a high standard and also will fit in a wide variety of tunes

    A heavy hitting collection of Breaks and House primed and ready with loads of royalty free samples to choose from. In a day where Breaks is house and house is breaks this is on the money :) Everything has been key and tempo labelled clearly and the producer has a solid skill set. It contains a nice blend of styles mixed with plenty of bass

    Get your machete out, cause it’s time to cut thru the jungle. TD Audio presents Jungle Terror. Always exploring the newest styles, we hit it hard with this amazing audio and preset pack for your next electronic music creation. Jungle Terror has been climbing its way into party scene for a while now. This fierce new sample pack is loaded up with all the tools you need to get this amazing style into your next production.

    House Vocal Glitches 3

    Rating: 8/10

    Add that little something to your techno, house, tech house, deep house, future house, minimal and other EDM oriented projects with the help of our vocal vignettes. Going from abstract ambience glitchy loops, spoken and stuttered lines, syncopated delay rockers, rap-influenced workouts to melodic vocal riffs,

    6Blocc - Grime

    Rating: 8/10

    6Blocc brings an exclusive set of sounds, one shots and loops from his personal collection all in one banging license free sample pack. Nice variety of sounds, that are currant with the Uk scene Dubstep Ammo features over 450 samples and contains 439 mb of pure banging Dubstep just the way you like it.

  • Trap

    Rating: 8/10

    HY2ROGEN featuring a mixture of sounds inspired by popular artists in the game and blended with his own signature style. The sample pack comes with phat 808 drum loops and one shots, dubstep and electro influenced basslines, all you can eat hooks, leads and melodies, glitched vocals, chants and spoken vocal loops, speaker punishing sub bass loops, complementing brass loops and effects. These are all the right tools to help you produce your next unique track. All of the loops are key and tempo labelled (150 BPM) and delivered in lengths from 2 to 4 bars and each

    Lovely luscious chords, silky soft synths and magical melodies, dubstep soul is here to lay you down gentle by the fire and make the sweet sweet love to you. All the loops you will need to slather some musicality over the cold, harsh wobbles and evil synths. If you imagine a romantic dinner round the sadly late, Barry Whites. You've just finished his magnificent desert selection and he's slipped into something a little more comfortable. Well this is that something! Did you just say dubstep and soul in the same sentence? I sure did baby boy, stop crying and put your trousers back on its time to inject a bit of music into the wub wub. Lovely luscious chords, silky soft synths and magical melodies, dubstep soul is here to lay you down gentle by the fire and make the sweet sweet love to you. All the loops you will need to slather some musicality over the cold, harsh wobbles and evil synths. If you imagine a romantic dinner round the sadly late, Barry Whites. You've just finished his magnificent desert selection and he's slipped into something a little more comfortable. Well this is that something!

    Ultimate Vocals

    Rating: 8/10

    Great sample pack! a gargantuan collection of the very best Vocal samples from our extensive back catalogue. You will find evocative Lead Vocals, soulful Blues Choirs, sharp Pop hooks and gruff Rasta MCs at tempos to suit all Genres, giving your production that essential human touch.

    Future House

    Rating: 8/10

    Future house ffers a diverse and extremely inspirational set of Future House samples which have been expertly crafted with the dance floor in mind; and which will be hugely useable to modern producers working in House, Techno, Electro, Breaks and Minimal music styles.

    Trap Takedown

    Rating: 8/10

    Trap Takedown holds no punches with an insane collection of Loops, Hits, Multi-Samples, MIDI files and Sampler Patches to harness the power of a hi-octane audio onslaught. Dissected Drum Loops with separated elements allow you to build your own beefed up-breaks. Beastly Synth and Bass sounds bring sub-zero darkness to the mix, while the epic collection of crushed multi-samples is ready to perform over your productions. Each Loop is edited, polished and produced to deliver cutting edge pro-audio directly to your DAW.

    These Ableton racks are just fantastic. They can give you out of the box sounds from the simplest of sources if that's what you're after. Similarly, if you want to learn new techniques or develop your existing knowledge, you can use the racks as a jumping off point for manipulating your sounds in your own unique way. You couldn't really ask for a better foundation to start from. There's something here for everyone to get stuck into, from sound design beginners to seasoned veterans. A must have addition for anyone using Ableton Live...

    12000 One Shots

    Rating: 9/10

    This collection is one of a kind and a serious must-have in your personal library since it's not fixed on a single genre and you can surely find usage for 12023 one shots in multiple genres going from progressive, electro, complextro, dubstep to house, deep, tech, minimal and beyond. Highly recommended.

    Great sample pack Future Chill Trap Mega Pack Inspired by some if my favouritw a artists and labels Cashmere Cat, DJ Snake, RL Grime, Shlohmo, Ryan Hemsworth, What So Not , Massappeals, Hippie Sabotage, Branchez, Joe Hertz, HU₵₵I, The Ninetys, Pascäal, SAINT PEPSI and more!

    Really nice sample pack! It's nice to see a producer give away some of his better idea's for a change. This is a great start up pack.. Featuring a collection featured everything from vintage analogue synths, toy synths, noise generators, classic drum machines, live instrumentation and session recording, all new original vocal cuts, guitar pedals, cassette, tape and vinyl plus the newest and shiniest of in the box processing. CAPSUN has gone all out to create the broadest possible sound palette to inspire a new and fresh take on the Chill Trap & Future Bass sound.

    Skanx's Future Jungle

    Rating: 7/10

    Nice vibes for making 140 -150 Jungle Breaks. Flawless 24-bit, 44.1 kHz audio files are formatted in Apple Loops and Wav, and sounds are keyed up at 130, 140, and 160 Bpm so you can sync to the Jungle pulse across three crucial tempos. This Blistering pack also dishes up 106 Rex,2 files so u can re work and thrash up any break you like for total control when using these bad boy samples in your next track or remix.

    Future House Sessions

    Rating: 8/10

    Nice to see a pack that is full of loops that I can use. Fusing together the big production elements of EDM with deeper bubbly basses and skippy beats from Bass House, Deep House and Garage, Future House Sessions features 568 cutting edge loops recorded at tempos of between 120 and 128BPM.along with 143 MIDI files for the bass and Melodic parts.

    Dub Stepper Beats Vol1

    Rating: 8/10

    Dub and Reggae is dope, the beats that come supplied with mixed ready to drop loops and one shot samples collected into banks of 16 kit sounds ready mapped to your favourite drum samplers, complete these take inspiration from classic early Dancehall Roots Radics to 80s Prince Jammy and Digital King Tubby. The collection features a wealth of one shot Drums and Dub SFX organised into kits, MIDI files and Soft Sampler Patches. Dub Steppers Vol1 features 10 Full Kits ranging from 71 to 142 BPM with multiple patterns per kit available as Sampler Patches + MIDI and also fully programmed up for FXpansion Geist performed by Horseman and Prince Fatty at Fatty Dub HQ using all the usual weapons of Dub Destruction!

    Bombstrikes have absolutely blown it out of the water with this one! Covering the full Midtempo spectrum from funky to hard hitting, this is a surefire winner for getting the inspiration flowing. All of the one shot elements are really top draw, and combined with the ease of the percussive Hi Top Loops, it's easy to have a professional sounding beat down on the page in under 5 minutes. The guitar and live bass elements are really nice for adding that real funk edge and then in contrast to that, the Bass & Lead one shots and multis really give you the flexibility to branch out and make the production your own. The Native Instruments tagging for importing to systems like Maschine is a really nice touch too. It adds an extra layer of flexibility and really puts the sounds you need right at your fingertips when you need them. With the bar set this high, who knows what the next Bombstrikes Sample pack is going to drop on its unsuspecting audiences? The anticipation is almost too much, but in the meantime there's a whole load of great content to be using right here...

    Carnival House

    Rating: 8/10

    This is a great sample pack expect to find 809 mb of wav 24 bit samples at 125 BPM including 30 Brazil Carnival Inspired Melodies, 110 HQ Drum Shots, 40 Carnival Percussion Loops, 40 Groovy Bass Loops, 70 Drum Loops, 30 Sound FX, 20 Brazil Inspired Horn Themes and 200 REX2 Files! Great selection of percussion and drums

    One of my favourite sample pack to date. This is brilliant Just made a new tune with vocal hit from this pack. Great balance and variety of vocals

    Some great samples and string. This has forward thinking fusion of heavy drum breaks, haunting atmospherics and pinpoint basslines. basslines spanning analogue tearouts, snarling neuro melters and sub rollers. All provided with key information. Low-end inspiration provided by artists such as Ed Rush & Optical, Fracture and Shogun Audio.

    2Step Garage Anthems

    Rating: 8/10

    Some great beat loops. Brings me back to the days of Artful Dodger, MJ Cole, El-B and Matt Jam Lamont, ‘2Step Garage Anthems’ serves up 491 loops and oneshots and brings together all the elements you need to create the ultimate 2 Step vibe.

    Ultimate Deep House

    Rating: 7/10

    Nice pre sets and sound banks. 705 loops, 100 single drum hits and 10 construction kits make up this insanely large pack. With tempos covered at 122, 124 and 126bpm you will find we have left no stone unturned to bring you the best Deep House collection out there.

    Great selection of horns and effect, can wait to busy with this sample pack. Horns of Dub is a high-grade blend of Trombone, Trumpet & Tenor Saxophone that together form the classic 1970s Reggae horn section featuring top New York session guys paying tribute to the harmonic, melodic and rhythmic styling’s of legendary Reggae horn players such as Dean Fraser, Felix (Deadly Headly) Bennett, Rico Rodriquez, Cedric Brooks and Dirty Harry.

    Great variety of string and basses .love it large You can tell when some one has put thought and time in to a sample pack and this has the X

  • Great Product. I love the drum loops, horns are decent to. Nice variety full of rich character, analogue warmth , human feel and classic sounding melodies and breaks, all brought together in a highly useful way for modern producer. Some nice sax loops to if you are feeling romantic

    UK House Essentials

    Rating: 8/10

    Loads of vibes from classic Garage and Breakbeat and combining it with modern House rhythms and production techniques into dance floor anthems enjoyed the world over. Soul Rush has been hard at work to make sure that 2015 gets off with a bang. UK House Essentials is over 1gig of pure, 4 to the floor gold and everything you need to craft a dancefloor-moving, UK House beauty! Plenty of bass and synth one shots are on offer to hammer out your own riffs with or simply to compliment some of the loops. Then where would we be without some pumping drum loops, kick drums and percussion elements. Everything you need to build your grooves from scratch or enhance what you have is right here waiting to get involved.

    Berlin Deep House

    Rating: 8/10

    Great selection of sounds. This would work great for 2 step and more Gutter deep down tune selection. Nice Solid production Loving the drum hit

    The mad man is back with more Uk flavour. Love the selection great for start up and experienced producers. It's great to se how each channel is made up, the FX chains, drum racks, the EQ, the compression, the side chaining, gating, everything. Blaps

    Trap VS Dubstep

    Rating: 9/10

    Great combination of trap and Dubstep. Loads of nice one stabs. This is an extensive pack for the serious producer looking to do some damage. As always Rankin Audio offers only the most usable sounds and loops to leave you maximum room for creativity and style. A folder of NI Massive presets has been included for those looking to expand even further on the sounds and add extra angles to the genres.

    I was brought up on these vocal. Epic pack with loads of dope hooks. 700Mb of great acapella song ideas ready to chop and rearrange together with a huge collection of spoken and sung short phrases that can be used to compliment the song ideas or be used alone as vocal ear candy to accentuate your productions.

    Great Percussion collection for Break Beats percussion library that has been performed and recorded Live and is especially suited towards producers of Breaks and TWith a 12th Century manor house as their recording studio The Magic Drum Orchestra come together for this exclusive Loopmasters collection of dynamic percussion grooves.

    Very nice 2 step pack from Mr Rankin used a few of the loops in my currant tunes Offering a nice selection of the hottest Garage and 2-Step loops and samples on the market. Focusing on a fusion of new and old skool styles to give you a little bit of of everything thats great about the genre. I like the old skool sound to some of the loops to :) Big Pack

    Solid sound collection. best used chopped up with other loops. This pack has everything you need to craft this summers Terrace teasers, Beach bumpers and Club crunchers with that sun drenched Eivissa vibe.ub-pumping bass-lines, Deep-rolling drums, Hook-laden leads, speaker-jacking hi's and infectious FX are just part of what is on offer in this professionally crafted selection of hi-quality loops and samples.

    Next-Gen Rave Sounds

    Rating: 8/10

    Cool drum loops, very well produced. The pack combines techno and fuses them seamlessly with driving electro-breaks basslines, great for floor filling tunes. This pack combines the lush melodic elements of techno and fuses them seamlessly with driving electro-breaks basslines for the ultimate in dancefloor devastation!

    Nu Jack House

    Rating: 8/10

    A nice raw Chicago influenced House for maximum dancefloor effect! Some wicked jackin loops and soulful vocals and infectious old skool riffs. This is a must have for all Chicago housers. arehouse and Jackin Chicago House. Loaded to the brim with groovalicious beats, soulful vox, ballsy bass

    L0ve the warm feel 0f beats and ch0rds, another bumpy dextrous edition of highly infectious beats, bass and musical inspiration for producers who like it . The loop proceSseing sounds awesome, I think they used some analogue tape machine to recreate the warmth

    Warehouse Deep

    Rating: 8/10

    Really enj0yed w0rikng wlth the pack as the suggests we delve deep into techno, tech house and deep house to bring you sounds that will inject that warehouse vibe in to any new production. The c0ncept is pretty c00l be a multi-genre concept pack

    Sound have a nice grain to them. I like the jazzy stab hit to would defo recommend this for any hip hop or garage producers

    World Of Moombahton

    Rating: 7/10

    A nlce unique vision of Tropical Bass + fusion genre of house music and reggaeton Sound! the ultimate collection of Moombahton samples ls a must have for all...All samples been processed by hi end and slt well ln the mlx

    One of the best all-round packs I've found. Plenty of stuff to get your teeth into for various genres. Everything is nicely processed ready to go and there's tonnes of usable content.

    Bad ass Booty Shaking Beats moving from Grooving Deep House to Future Garage . modern digital synths and cutting edge production techniques, alongside a large helping of analogue synths and high end analogue outboard giving everything from subtle warmth to pure filthiness. Tagged Ready One Shots and Multi Samples for Native Instruments Maschine.

    EDM Tuned Kicks 2

    Rating: 8/10

    Does exactly what it says on the tin. Not the biggest pack but delivers on its purpose. Recommended if you want some big beefy kicks!

    Be A Pro: EDM Producer

    Rating: 8/10

    Monster of a pack. So much quality content here, really does what it says on the tin. Nice to see samples and patches in one pack too!

    Freakyloops never disappoint. All these sounds are really well designed and easy to edit and make your own. External processing does help but they're great out of the box!

  • Great stuff. Loads of really usable sounds here ready to chop up. Would be great to load into samplers and really mess around with! This label is so consistent.

    These presets are absolutely sick. Really great starting points for getting a noisy vibe together and very usable. They're more aimed at the dirty Dubstep end mostly but some of the leads would be very usable for all types of genres. One of the best of these types of packs around.

    Not a bad pack at all, all usable stuff bit would have liked to have seen more heavy weighted tonal kicks. They had plenty of slap but not a lot of weight.

    House & Garage Vocals

    Rating: 7/10

    Really nice selection of vocals. Love the pitching elements and soulful vocals. Used a load in my tunes. nice work lads

    This is a really well thought out pack. I love all the loops on here The drum are my favourite part of this Nice to the wide boys still in the game . I love the hits too

    Nice to see a more focused 2 step kit This is one of my favourites from the Rankin stable. As usual solid production and crisp beat

    This pack has stunning Loops and Sounds such as Warm Deep Basses, Crisp Punchy Drums and Percussion,. There is also nice swung out drums, classic organ and chord stabs, 90's style vocal cuts alongside contemporary analogue basses, and silky smooth SFX. Atmospheric Chords and, Laidback Grooves, Subliminal Synths and Spatial SFX. Really nice for first introduction to deep music,

    I was really surprised how good this product was The funk drum loops are sick and there is a nice variety of loops I would defo be using this pack for our down tempo release and i loved the addition scratches. In all i would say Featurecast is a dope producer and this pack is worth it's weight in Gold

    Deep House and Garage

    Rating: 8/10

    This one is on the money, seems to embrace a wider range of BPMs and a forward thinking approach to house production, The loops have nice groove and swing to them. I have chopped a load of them up in to my breaks tunes gives you fresh light on my production.. Money

    Love this pack. Some of the percussion loops are awseaum It's nice to hear a pack that has gone that extra 9 yards and this feels like one of them I am more a broken break/ breaks Producer and i would highly recommended this pack Buy it!

    Bass House And Garage

    Rating: 8/10

    This is a flexible and versatile set of sounds that in my mind will appeal to a wide variety of producers of all Deeper styles of House and Bass House with loops divided across 120 and 123bpm's, There is a good variety of sounds with effects. The sounds are well mixed The drum loops have been broken down into their respective components for ease and flexibility of use when composing. I would defiantly recommend this pack as a good start up

    Nice pack to get you started on making old school Drum and bass vibes The old loop section is pretty cool to. I would recommenced this one and the Danny Byrd one . Lovely selection very nice


    Rating: 10/10

    There are some great loops on here, I just made a tune from this pack with Rubi Dan, big Moombahcore massive great production Mostly in to the drums and a few freaky riff's


    Rating: 7/10

    Rankin is back to get his slice of action with Moombahton. There are some nice massive pre sets. This is good starter pack if you fancy your chances as being one of the few elite Moombahton producers in the world

    Future Garage

    Rating: 7/10

    Some nice slick loops on here, There is a nice vareity between Uk Garage and Techno. The Groves also have nice e swings I was also diggin the selection of pads, and vocal stabs. There is a good selection of bass & tonal hits. Its a great start of kit for making a Uk garage tune!

    really nice variety between house and breaks and some really solid production in there too jackin house beatsz are dope For me as a producer it's like walking in a candy store. Always searching for the best treat that can do my productions well. This package is perfect to give your dance production a little edge. I think this package is a helpfull tool if you want something with a bit more variety

    Ghetto House

    Rating: 8/10

    Nice broad selection of Jackin grooves, bass hits. Goes across the board from Jackin to Urban booty Style Talkin of Jackin i just jacked a loop from there. There is also a good selection of bass hits. All the beats are warm and well mixed down, and it also has a modern feel to it Nice selection overall

    Lenny Dee - Rewind

    Rating: 7/10

    Rewind is a great pack that i use in my dj sets really cool for club moments and features some dope rewinds, skips,and spinin effect, slow downs to jamm the club moment blaps Deekline

    Great beat loops i have used them in two of my latest tunes. Very nice PERCUSSION LOOPS AND cool bass! krafty Kuts does it again in fine style! Would recommend for all producers Thanks Nick

    BHK S.E.4 Drum Step

    Rating: 8/10

    Nice variety of bass and drums for any given occasion. BHK Special Edition 4 brings all the best elements of Drumstep together in one highly usable 24 Bit sample pack for any DAW or software sampler. All the samples are edited to perfection and pumped up to the point where you can add your own effects, Eq and twist out any sound without worrying about pre mastered sounds with no headroom

  • There is bound to be a douze loops in this pack you would find useful.So far we have sampled these loops in Breaks dub step and Jungle tunes and i am sure they will work well in May other genres also.With the every so popular tribal afro sound being used more and more in modern dance music you can not go wrong with this afro brazil pack


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