Loop+ show this great review of the Hot Hand 3 - a wireless 3-dimensional MIDI ring.

When it comes to MIDI controllers, physical motion can be a hard type of input to understand and access – especially when it’s completely disconnected from a physical controller.

What if there was a controller that simplified motion which was vastly more fun and playful than the typical controllers for DJs and producers? The Hot Hand USB could be the answer!

Mad Zach’s video really shows what the unit is capable of – but as he concludes, the Hot Hand might look and feel a bit silly, but the variety of fun and ways to use it to physically control effects and audio are well worth it.

Key Specs

    •    Manufacturer: Source Audio
    •    Price: $149.99 (http://bit.ly/YFolxI)
    •    Communication: Wireless MIDI with USB receiver
    •    Battery: Rechargeable Li-ion – 6 hour life
    •    Distance: Capable of transmitting over 100 feet.


Original Source: here.