Created by former Serato CEO, Sam Gribben, MELODICS is a brand new product that partners with iconic artists to teach real world skills in the fast-growing performance genre of pad drumming.

What is Melodics?

Melodics is part game, part beatmaking software. It’s a fun and addictive app that adapts to your abilities and musical tastes to help you get better at pad drumming, faster.

DJ Jazzy Jeff is working on turning some exclusive tracks into lessons. “Melodics is really dope!” he says. “It’s a cool way to learn to play beats and a great way to sharpen your skills.”

What is pad drumming?

If you’re a fan of electronically-flavoured music, you’ll likely be familiar with the concept of pad drumming, which is also known as finger drumming or cue point drumming. It has become an essential tool for DJs, producers, beatmakers and musicians — in the studio and on stage. And drum pads are used by everyone from indie-electro band CHVRCHES to pad-drum protege and member of The Roots, Jeremy Ellis. Yet pad drumming is hard to learn, and even harder to perfect. Melodics changes all that by taking the musician through step-by-step lessons, starting with simple patterns and building up to more complex structures. Many of these lessons have been created by artists such as DJ Jazzy Jeff and Nick Hook.

The real beauty of Melodics is that it listens to how you play, and gives you instant visual feedback on your timing and accuracy. It also learns as you play, and after going through some of the basics, it suggests lessons to help hone your talents further.

Learn from the best

Melodics is working with some amazing artists to make lessons. Learn to play tracks from the likes of DJ Jazzy Jeff, Gaslamp Killer, Nick Hook, Mark de Clive-Lowe and Jeremy Ellis.

Jeremy Ellis says: "My family has been teaching and performing music for 100 years, and the idea of continuing that lineage into modern technology has always been a part of what moves me. Melodics is a fantastic format for artists and teachers to create amazing lessons that actually feel like games. I can't wait to get to work making a course for these guys!"

Even the pros are using Melodics to hone their skills. World renowned DJ and producer Gaslamp Killer says: “I’m going to use Melodics to help me prepare for live shows. There are parts of my sets that I really want to add cue drumming to, but I need to practice in the studio before I’m ready to bring it live. Melodics is such a great way to train.”

Partnering with leading hardware brands

Melodics has teamed up with manufacturers of many of the major pad controller brands, and will soon be offering additional exclusive content to owners of select controllers from Ableton, Akai, IK Multimedia, Korg, Novation, Numark, Pioneer DJ, Reloop and more.

“Melodics is an amazing product for people who own Push,” says Gerhard Behles, CEO of Ableton. “If you want to really develop your ability to play beats, bass lines and melodies with Push, Melodics is a great way to practice. Musicians know that practice is the key to success, and the magic of Melodics is that you can get lost in it, you’re practicing without even thinking about it. We’re very excited to be in partnership with Melodics.”


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