Joshua Casper gives a tour and demonstration of Smart:EQ+ By Sonible

About Smart:EQ

Smart:EQ+ is the perfect tool if you want to let technology work for you. The smart plug-in analyses your audio material, identifies spectral imbalances, and proposes fully automatic solutions within seconds, Smart:EQ+ takes care of finding the optimum sound characteristics, thus ensuring audio quality that’s a treat for the ears.

More Presence in the Mix - Each band can either be used in the unique ‘smart mode’, offering automatic detection and removal of problematic resonances, or in ‘classical mode’ for manual EQing. The complex smart filters make your audio material more distinct and add the character you need to the entire mix.

Radiant Quality in Broadcasting - For those editing audio material for film, television or radio, the clock seems to tick especially loud. Thanks to the smart bands, the Smart:EQ+ proves a reliable partner when sending individual tracks or entire mixes through an automatic correction loop.

Video Sound in Screening Quality - Mixing video sound often turns out to be a real obstacle for audiophile editors, with Smart:EQ you can use ‘voice mode’ to get your optimal video sound mix. Once you’ve marked one area, the self-learning EQ does the rest by itself, and creates an audible sound balance.

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