This is a great set of massive Presets and a welcome addition to our Massive Soundbanks. you can use these sounds whether you make Dubstep, Drum and Bass, Breaks or Electro.
When you need new and exciting fresh sounds for a new tune or remix it is always a great starting point to get a new bank of sounds and get going. We have always flicked through presets as a starting point to get ideas down for a track and then we go back and refine it later. Sometimes you just need to get an idea down while it is fresh in your head and you don't want to be spending ages finding or creating that sound. This where Dubstep shock will come in reall handy.

I find these packs with Massive Presets in very helpful. I don't often just use the sounds straight up, but they provide so many interesting starting points to create your own unique sounds that I find myself gravitating to them on every track. As it suggests on the box, the sounds here are aggressive and ballsy enough to jump out of any mix.

very nice collection of presets! even though i am not in the dubstep business, these sounds work perfectly for other EDM genres as well, it's fun tweaking them and they all sound great, be it the bass, lead pad or fx sounds.

Lots of great sounds in this one. Definitely highly recommended for people just getting their head round Massive. If you need a quick, authentic solution then I'd reach for this. Look forward to more!

So this is a very seriuos bunch of presets unlike most out there on the market the demo is great ,showing you that you can really make a cool tune out of these sounds which i like. What can i say a very classy sounding bunch nice keep it up.


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