I grabbed this pack as I am working on Electronic Punk tracks at the moment. I was looking for drum samples to layer, plus see if there were any extra bits to get inspiration from. I got what i was looking for. I found the drums to be quite usable. They gave me a great sounding drums to pick at and reference. I think the guitar and other elements sound really amazing, but might have limitations as punk music is written around songs and attitude based on the song. This might limit the writing as you’re confined to what's on offer. By no means is it bad. If you’re just looking for layers and sounds to expand on your production OR If you’r a singer and don’t have a band - or a band missing a bass player for example, this pack is it. The pack can really give you some great stuff to practice and write too. The music is totally punk. I was into the music elements for sure. Spot on. The sounds and the riffs are quite punk. The pack sounds amazing very authentic and I can see myself using this in many different ways on my project. One thing to note. I also felt the kit folders could have been organised differently. All the audio is in one folder ( per kit ) making it bit difficult for me to find what I was looking for when in a hurry to keep the session going. Other than that if you’re looking for punk then this new Loopmasters pack must be checked out. 9- 10

With their esteemed Vibes series, Loopmasters have been steadily offering up samples inspired by...

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If you produce pop rock or 90's style rock, then this will be something of interest for you from Loopmasters. There are 8 'songs' with drums, bass and guitars broken into segments for each. The quality is great - doesn't take a lot to achieve the right rock vibe.You get a "part 1" as well as "part 2" for each folder. BPMS range from 135 to 155. As anyone who has followed my sound over the years knows I like rock elements mixed in as well as guitars. This set has some really nice elements, not only that work perfectly together as is- but things you can use to incorporate in other genres and styles. You can use some of the drum loops for tracks that don't use the music loops or you can use some of the musical loops in EDM, pop and more. This is only for those looking for a rock sound... and who want great sounding loops of real live drums, real bass and electric rock guitars.


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