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Genre: Hip Hop

Additional Styles: Vocals and Hip Hop


One Shots

Sampler Patches

BPM: 90 - 150

Loads of wicked vocal samples in this pack I found when searching thru the pack it really contained great vocal snip its for my Hardcore tracks. For sure I can also see these samples finding a home in my Dubstep and Grime productions that need that little extra something to drive the production home.The timing of each raper is on point and the vocal tone they give off has a lot of attitude which makes this a really usable pack. I think Real City Rap Accapella's can be used over the course of time with new results each time. It's a gem !

An extremely well recorded pack with versatile vocals that can pretty much work in any kind of genre, I am still using these vocals on all my new tracks as stabs and as one liners. because of how clear the delivery is these vocals glitch up extremely well too.

I'm a massive fan of this series; making high-quality royalty-free rap acapellas is something I wish we'd see more of and although this pack isn't the strongest of the previous 'New York Vol.1 & 2' and 'Deep South' packs it does carry some weight when looking for something extra to add to your track.

Be it either a full 4-bar line or a simple hook before the drop, this pack has something for everyone. Samples are available in 3 speeds; 96bpm, 127bpm and 140bpm, although the faster ones do sound a little too quick for what they are saying. I much prefer it when the vocalists go with rhyming at half the speed for the higher bpms so they fit nicer and don't make things sound cluttered. Sound quality is, as expected, perfect; loopmasters never disappoint on that side of things.

Overall a nice addition to your sample library but nowhere near as useful as the other releases in this series.

This is an awesome pack. Top quality work from the Monster Sounds crew. Five different rap vocalists feature so there's no shortage of inspiring vocal hooks. This really is an essential pack wheather you are into Electronic, Urban or House based genres. I can't wait to tune some of these down and try them in our next Tech House project!


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