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Genre: Dubstep

Additional Styles: Garage, Grime, and Dubstep

Bass science!  Mind-blowingly great sound design and bass loops separated into frequency parts(!) make this pack an instant must-have for me yet every single folder here is so top-notch that this collection transcends any specific genre and is deep, edgy and sexual throughout.  The Bonus folder has some real gems including the short bass parts: somewhere between a one-shot and a couplet with just enough character built in for these to be prime construction material and speaking of there's 10 construction kits which are plain fun to explore the exploded full tracks of.  Killer on every level.  

If you're looking for some wobbly LFO inspiration look no further because this pack has enough LFO sub-bass darkness to wobble you to the next realm. It's just jam-packed with high quality, great sounding samples that sonically complement each other so you find yourself easily inspired! Definitely for those that are a fan of that original Dubstep sound.


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