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Genre: Drum and Bass

Additional Styles: Drum and Bass


One Shots

Sampler Patches

BPM: 174

What I like most about this sample pack is that all of the samples are really well edited, allowing you to simply drag and drop them straight into your tracks. There’s no messing about with this pack, it’s got everything you need to produce some sick sounding drum and bass. From the large selection of heavy bass and musical loops, to the sharply produced percussion and breaks, this isn’t one to miss. IQ Samples have smashed it with this one and I’d definitely recommend it.

A big big pack with tones of heavy duty sounds to keep you coming back for more. This sample pack gives and gives, the musical element are fantastic with extreme bass sounds to nicely compliment it. The best part is the individual hits and drums grooves, these are a great take on modern sounds and will defo keep you entertained for hours.

Deep like a submarine this one is pure scuba. Full rolling drums at 174 + solid loops and some decent effects and baselines and sounds make this one to check. From somebody who gets the vibe right. Dark it out.

Super diverse and detailed sample pack for the producer who likes to make some proper rollers. The drum top loops are amazing to create some unique grooves! And I am also a big fan of the drum fills, because they are always hard to find and make. The overall sound design is also on point and done very professional. So this is a perfect pack if u like the make some heavy club bangers


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