If you are looking for something super cool and something that will be used for synch, then this is it. 6 folders/ sets of top notch funky movie music. A little different (and a little strange) how things are broken down- in micro sections. Horns, drums, live bass, acoustic guitars, real strings, and more make up this funky set. The parts are brilliant. Played and mixed extremely well. Everything is organic and with loads of reverb...lol. As I'm writing this I am now waiting for Pt 2. Please hurry and don't wait to get that out. I'm giving it a 10/10 (Id give it an 11) but I would have really loved it even more if they included Apple Loops...hint, hint.

Nice pack, and really like the concept of Cinematic Funk. A really good size and selection of samples. You get folders of different song compositions, which I like with key and tempo. Lots of live instrumentation which is excellent from Drums, Bass, Horns, Synths, Percussion. The very best quality in this pack are the beautiful strings, very nice indeed. I would loved to have seen Sampler Instruments and Midi would be a nice addition to really push the envelope, giving even more options. I hope their maybe a follow up, as this could be an interesting concept moving forward as this cinematic genre is very wide pallet in which to be explored.


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