yeahhh great bit of flavor on one place.
pretty much exactly what it says , latin horns , really difficult to re create and capture the vibes unless you have a horn section handy , its all there in the pack and its nicely split into individual instruments and also a take of the full section together so you have full control over the mix . its a latin based pack but i think theres scope to use them creatively outside of latin tracks also. deffo worth a look as its a great addition to a sample library

a huge selection of horns to work with.
many samples are in the same style and i had difficulty using some loops for tracks that were not specific to the latin genre.
however, if you make latin style music or would like that influence in one of your tracks then there will probably be sometyhing usable here for you...

this is a great pack. It says Latin horns but many of these riffs are equally at home on a reggae production. I'm working on a dub flavoured remix of a Danny Byrd tune right now and these fit the bill perfectly. I will definitely be coming back to the Latin Horns pack :)

Wow, loads to sift through here. You kind of need to know what you're doing but given a bit of time and know how there's a lot of useful material. As usual, well recorded and varied with differing tempos and key signatures. Good stuff!

Great horn recordings. I used these to slice up and make some horn stabs. They have some great flavour and the loops could be handy for some people too

This is a really cool pack to have, and would recommend for all producers of all styles, because you just never know when you're gonna need it! There's a great selection of riffs in there, and plenty to chop up and get creative with too. Whilst it's a fairly simple and straightforward pack, I'm still giving it 10/10 because it's got such a diverse musical range and is completely open to re-interpretation.


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