Ive been using sweeps and sound effects since '96- if you go back to my earliest records you can hear sweeps, risers, robot noises, booms, etc. way before anyone was using them. But as time went on- the sounds got even better than the original cd's I got them on years ago. Freaky Loops nails it with this release of amazing fills & drops. Essential for anyone making music. Ive heard a lot of sample sets with fills, sweeps, drops & effects but this is definitely on of the best quality and most comprehensive. From simple white noise risers to explosive drops and big snare fills- its got everything you need. Great bunch of melodic and combi fills which are full of effects with musical bits as well. The only thing missing that I wish this had are Apple Loops and/or REX files to make it complete.

great package, i like the variety of the sounds! most of them come with FX like reverb/delay etc. on board, makes it easy to use them instantly. The impacts sound great, the downshifters collection is cool and all other stuff works well! I would not need the pads and textures every day but they add some nice vibe to the allover pack. good stuff!

Really versatile pack with some great variations on popular fill patterns

Both toned and percussive fills are very useable and the production throughout this pack is brilliant

Certainly something which will make a positive addition to your studio library


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