Looking for killa acapella's ? - Look no further this sample pack delivers the goods! With a nice selection of mini songs, you can find your way thru the pack in a logical manner in order to recreate these acapella's in your own backing track. Like most vocal sample packs it might take a bit to get over the fact its a sample pack, But once you start adding these vocals to your music and use them in a totally creative way, you just might score a really hot track with out having to get a singer and writer involved. If you want to learn how to mix and use vocals in a music production and don't have a good singer on board then this pack is mega must to have. I think this pack has a lot of potential beyond just using the vocals in a track. Especially if you wish to learn about vocal production and mixing vocals. And as many of know, vocals are the hardest part of mixing hands down. This pack can be a essential tool for those of you that wish to take your skills up a notch.

A solid pack of poppy dance vocals here. Great singers recorded really well and very easy to just drop into your production and get a vibe off. Definitely a pack you will come back to for a few years. I can also see it being the sort of thing where you start with an acappella and build around it, which is great.

Nice job on some cool vocal samples to finish off your tracks. I thought the tracks were included in this- but they arent, its just the vocals. Definitely worth checking out to see if these fit the style you are working on. Quite a bit of variety, tempo ranges from 128-140 bpm. There are dry & wet versions but I found the "wet" version to be pretty dry anyway.They included the full acapella as well as broken down pats, which is a nice feature.


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